Mrs Jynx + Milieu + Fieldtriqp - Bermuda Triangle


Jan 18 2011, 8h50

New three-way split album out now! Mrs Jynx, Milieu and Fieldtriqp have all teamed up to bring you BERMUDA TRIANGLE - a 20 track album packed full of sweet melodies and groovy beats.

Limited edition of 100 copies on CD-R!

Stream it here:

To order a copy from Milieu:

To order a copy from Mrs Jynx:
(Send an email to to check for availability)

To order a copy from Fieldtriqp:


  • doss-house

    so gooood!!

    Fev 1 2011, 21h53
  • blisschord

    Thanks! Glad you dug our little braindance three-way!

    Fev 2 2011, 1h51
  • turrican808

    This is a great CD! Fantastic tunes! I ended up buying the Mrs Jynx albums off the back of what I heard on this cd and they haven't disappointed either. Totally cool!

    Mar 27 2011, 21h49
  • blisschord

    Oh yes, Hannah is one of the most talented musicians I know - it's always great to see new people checking her stuff out!

    Mar 27 2011, 22h34
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