It's Nero show time!


Ago 9 2011, 15h54

Sat 6 Aug – ABGAS + Marichen + Szsch Duo, bei Roy, Berlin

What a great night.

Abgas started off, three middle-aged naked body-painted guys from Switzerland. The band as a whole impressed, but I felt the drummer stood out. They played instrumental tracks with a kind of "industrial" feel. Stomping rhythms, repetitive but then not repetitive at all, with a great sense of dynamics. This was supported by a video show projected onto the stage, with the guitarist manually selecting and maximizing the next song's video with "Nero Show Time" while we could read "Gemeinsame Dateien" on his naked behind. The show was over too soon, and the band were able to ignore our shouts of "ABGAS" over the track that was played back to end the show.

The unexpected star of the evening was up with solo female performer Marichen, Maria or possibly Eva-Maria. (The event listing says "Marichen", the linked sample recording says "Maria", but the flyer for Madame Claude on September 9 has an "Eva-Maria", and she said she'd be playing there. Oh, and don't judge her by that sample recording.)

To describe the facts, her performance involved voice, electric guitar and some kind of loop recording device. Using this, she recorded bits of voice and guitar and assembled these into works of art. There was the occasional rhythmical glitch, and her voice sounded less great through the device than through the microphone that was amplified directly.

She started off with a cover of "Stand by me" with an apparently deliberate vocal performance that left the listener with the option of thinking things might just get terrible. They didn't. It's really hard for me to capture what made the show so great, but this easily makes my top two musical experiences. After, I felt no need to ever listen to anything different again. Trust me and come to Madame Claude on September 9.

This made it kind of hard for the final (I assume) act by Szsch Duo, playing free jazz with drums and alto sax. It sounded like I usually would have loved it, but I was unable to concentrate. So when my friends were worn out after half-an-hour or so of Szsch (they did say the enjoyed it until then, just couldn't take any more), we took off.

I remember a couple of people were recording during the ABGAS show. Maybe someone also recorded (parts of) Marichen's and is willing to share? I would be very grateful.


  • Noisenotation

    Hey, Kim from Roy here. Thanks for the review, it was a blast for us, too. Yep, we recorded nearly everything on tape. Acceptable quality but not digitalized, yet. We captured the whole Marichen-gig with a camera, too - so there's pretty much footage of this evening. When i have the time i'll give it to Marichen and let her decide wheter she'd like to upload it somewhere or not, but i'll let you know if it happens :-) See you soon! -Kim

    Ago 12 2011, 10h21
  • sanktTAT

    ahoi ! bletch, fanx for the ABGAS - review. at last it was just a liverehearsal, cause our drummer may leave. but and, it was the first livegig after 25 years. middle-aged naked body-painted guys are still on their way. tatendurst

    Ago 13 2011, 16h09
  • bletch

    Kim: thanks! tatendurst: If this was just a liverehearsal, what's to come? It sounded very well practiced to my ears. Keep it up!

    Ago 14 2011, 11h17
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