• Rocking at minor stadium with Scorpions

    Nov 1 2010, 9h07

    Mon 25 Oct – Get Your Sting and Blackout World Tour

    We arrived about 4PM, we had a little tour around the tiny stadium, there were lots of colleges around pliska stadium. First band was some bulgarians, people liked them, and there was no rain, it came with the Scorpions (rock-and-roll right?), playing was good, good songs (rock you like a hurricane, big city nights etc...), my favorite was holiday best reaction of people around me. Beer quality was poor :(, overall mark 7
  • Review for AC/DC Giants Stadium

    Ago 6 2009, 2h20

    Fri 31 Jul – AC/DC

    So we came a bit early thinking that show starts at 7:30 PM, so we waited a bit. There was a band playing some kind of rock, we call themselfs ... aaa..... didn't remeber, they are not bad, but just too regular, have catchy notes but not enough to became real threat to AC/DC, so we was at the upper level of grandstand? whatever it's called, so we had a view to enjoy. So after a while old mans came up with those guitars and staffs and begin playing, so we waited for hits! :D And when hits came we waited for this guitar player to finish him 15min solo, eventually at some moment he was rolling on the stage still playing the guitar, but he was good so I don't care, I got tired playing on such a long solo, you didn't heard longer solo in your life, copyright applied. My favorite and guess everybody elses was Rosie, big mamma, and ofcourse legendary song.

    So what can I say 8/10 from my point of view, and did I remember that there was no line for beer? mmm... delicious beer....