Funeral for a friend 27th oct


Out 28 2011, 7h32

Thu 27 Oct – Funeral for a Friend, Escape the Fate, The Amity Affliction, The Bunny The Bear

The Bunny the Bear were different I must say the most entertaining thing about them is one singer wears a rabbit mask the other is a bear. Their music style was random and didn't quite get it. 4/10

The Amity Affliction What I'm talking about, how amazing were this band and why hadn't I heard of them before. I was wowed and very impressed by their music. Definitely 8/10

Escape the Fate this is the 2nd time seeing them this year. I didn't like the sound of them in mainstage download festival but inside rock city they were definitely suited to the venue. This band have amazing guitar skills. The mix could've been louder as some of the vocals were hard to recognise but they played strong and got so much positive vibes from a very empty rock city. I give them 9/10

Funeral for a Friend were one of my favourite bands. Were being the word now. I am gutted. I am sooo sooo gutted. I know that the last 2 albums didn't grow on me and were only going for the first 3 albums, but because I had seen them live 6 times previously I thought a 7th time tonight would be nostalgic. I have liked this band since I was about 15 or 16. So thats about 7 or 8 years. The last time I saw them here at rock city was the Tales don't tell themselves tour and it was sold out packed and had cancer bats support. I even met Matt after that gig and he was the nicest man I've ever met. So it was such a shame that he couldn't sing a note or a whole song tonight. He just struggled to sing. There was more coming from the drummers mouth than Matt. Then the guitars were so loud and distorted you couldn't make out the songs. I have never heard them sound so disappointing live. Then they wouldn't play an encore and got booed. It was an air of sadness as the room cleared.
I can't believe I'm only giving them. 4/10.


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