Review: Soilwork @ The Cathouse, Glasgow


Nov 17 2008, 19h17

Sweden. The home of the band that are "heavier than a continent filled with elephants". A long way for Soilworkto travel, but myself and a select group of loyal fans are very glad they did.

The atmosphere upon arrival at the Cathouse was a little quiet and subdued, and the music playing in the bar didn't really help. The first band, a rising French band named Ananta, began playing to the rather sparsely populated room, and despite the band giving it their absolute all no one really seemed to get into them. A shame, as they really impressed me!

Next up, One-Way Mirror. Personally didn't thrill me, but the band were pretty decent, and managed to get the crowd reasonably warmed up.

The lights dimmed, and we were treated to a rather obscure introduction to the band, before the Soilwork mounted the stage. A flawless performance where I'm concerned, covering the full spectrum of Soilwork's albums and sounds, and of course perfectly showcasing the glorious return of Pete Wichers to the band. Luckily I had adopted a place close to the front in front of Pete :) It struck me that only a handful of people there were fans of Soilwork before Stabbing the Drama, but I think everyone had a good time, fans old and new alike.

Part of the way through the gig a very nice guy at the barrier turned around, sighed, and gestured at me to take his spot at the front, much to my delight. So if you're reading this, and you let a rather tired looking blonde take the front barrier, thanks so much!

After a bombardment of classic Soilwork tracks such as "Bastard Chain", "Needlefeast", "Overload", and many more, the band left the stage. I had caught a sneaky look at the set list from afar, so was sure that they were coming back on for an encore. Sure enough, they reappeared, and closed the gig with THE greatest Soilwork track of all time.... "Nerve".

After the performance, I hung around at the front, shook hands with Pete and Sylvain, and Pete tried to give me his plectrum, but a flurry of hands knocked it to the floor. Luckily, a kind security guy handed it to me, and I clutched it in my fist and walked away to find my mate, grinning like an idiot.

Still grinning, tired and totally happy, I went to shake hands with Speed and Dirk at the Merch desk, thank them for the gig, and get my ticket signed.

For the band, 10/10. For the Cathouse and the general sound quality, 8/10. All in all, £12 well bloody spent!


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