• Sushi & The Banshees?

    Out 13 2010, 19h20

    Tue 12 Oct – Star Fucking Hipsters, The Vibrators, DSK, Molotov Compromise, Never Too Soon
    Other than Molotov Compromise not playing, this is one of the greatest shows ever, and a great venue. The energy of the crowd and the bands was amazing, simply stunning. If you missed this, you missed a great show. :] I'll have a video and photo link up soon and a much better review.
  • help at last.

    Mai 19 2009, 2h54

    i have wonderful news.
    i've been fighting anxiety disorder and panic attacks since 9th grade. asking doctors for help and one finally has. it's such a comfort already. i'll update on changes. :) wish me luck.


    Open Heart Surgery

    "i'm headed down a lonely highway. i'm running down a one way street. i wanna know are you goin' my way? is there some place quiet where we can meet? and friends they come and friends they go but you were always by my side. and where it all ends i don't know don't cry no more just hold on tight. there was a time when I was desperate living in a town without a name. And when things got so dark and desolate, You taught me how to hide my shame, And kings and queens and millionaires, May never know what I have known. And thank the stars I'm the lucky one, Thanks for the lessons that I have been shown.

    I feel rich, I feel power, and security
    and when I'm weak, you are strong
    Once in a lifetime, twice in eternity
    And guess what? Nothing else matters anyways"

    - Social D - Untitled-

  • medication missed

    Mar 26 2009, 6h22

    Mon 23 Mar – Medications, Edie Sedgwick

    Didn't make it, myself. I heard amazing things. I'll have my friend Matt write a review very soon for ya.
  • i'm gonna be gone.

    Fev 17 2009, 3h08

    from here on out, all activity is very limited. well, until further notice. i have a computer, but no chord. my desktop is a piece of junk. i share it with 4 other people. i have no music, no applications on it, and there's no sense.

    i also have a part time job watching my cousin's step kids weekly, whenever they need my help. to help pay for ink, liquor and gas. :]

    i started my 3rd module. chemistry of cosmetology. :] fun course.

    leave all messages here.
  • R.I.P. Lux Interior

    Fev 5 2009, 4h26

    There have been so many blows to so many great artists just in 2009.

    Ron Asheton of The Stooges
    Andrew Martinez of Nekromantix and The Rocketz.
    [ Just In January ]
    & now, we have lost one of the people I admired most.
    Lux Interior... I really am broken about this..
    They say it always comes in three..
    Well we've lost three of the best.
    My best wishes go out to Ivy, the remaining members and their families.

    RIP Lux.

    [ Kessey ]
  • is having issues again.

    Jan 25 2009, 18h04

    major ones and my hungover self is not having any of this computer stuff today.

    i'll be back when scrobbling and song posts are fixed!