Big 20 this week Feb 16 - Feb 22


Fev 16 2009, 19h29

Ahh... the third installment of my metal collection in a row all from the 1980s. This week brings a few little known albums into the mix. The three pantera albums show us that even the Pantera we all know and love now was a bit different back then, and the Hellhammer EPs show us the roots of death metal.

Kreator went on from these three albums to help found thrash metal in Germany, along with Holy Moses, and Annihilator helped start thrash metal in Canada.

I have played the first 2 Metal Church albums many times already, but they are still in my opinion the band's 2 best and I look forward to blasting them once again.

And no 80s collection is complete without some W.A.S.P. The band was instrumental in forging the late 80s metal scene on the west coast of the USA along with bands like Motley Crue, etc.

Annihilator :
Alice in Hell

Hellhammer :
Triumph of Death
Apocalyptic Raids

Holy Moses :
Queen of Siam
Finished With the Dogs
The New Machine of Liechtenstein

Kreator :
Endless Pain
Pleasure To Kill
Terrible Certainty

Lizzy Borden :
Menace To Society
Terror Rising
Visual Lies

Metal Church :
Metal Church
The Dark
Blessing in Disguise

Pantera :
Metal Magic
Projects in the Jungle
I Am the Night

W.A.S.P. :
The Last Command


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