I went to London


Set 25 2010, 20h13

A couple of weeks ago i was in london, it was great, we had lots of fun, it's such a beautiful city. We were there for ten days, we visited some museums (science museum, natural history museum, tate modern) and we hang around on picadilly circus, leicester square, trafalgar square, big ben, london eye, hyde park, mayfair, covent garden, oxford circus, earls court, camden, lots of nice places. We went to Teingmouth, to discover this little town, it's a nice place too, but it's very small, there is not too much things to see. We saw The Pier, The Beachcomber, the place where were A Seaside Rendez-vous last year, and lots of old people, lots of pharmacy and lots of seagulls ! I thought it was really the Muse town, but it's not, just a bookshop sold some Muse stuff.

Then we were back to london, and we went to Wembley Stadium to see Muse both nights, GA tickets for the 10 and level 2 for the 11. We went there at 6 in the morning on the 10 to queue. After a long wait, all day long, we were in the stadium, in the first row, just in front of Matt, like in Paris, even better, unbelievable ! But i miserably fell on the stairs, my ankle was so painful..but we were there, in front of Matt ! It was a great gig, but definitely not the best i've seen of them. The setlist was a mix from their gigs they've done in paris (stade de france) a couple of months ago. Normal stuff + Neutron Star Collision, I Belong to You, Soldier's Poem, Butterflies & Hurricanes. The crowd was a little bit too violent, it was not so nice. There is lots of french people around us, we were like twenty or thirty french people there. I was impressed how much french people were in wembley, it speaks french everywhere there ! The opening acts were not all great, Lily Allen was great, i liked her gig, and she's funny. White Rabbits were not great, our poor ears... the sound was awful but they have great tunes.. i was disappointed. The Big Pink were better than in paris but the sound was awful.. too bad.

The day after, we went back to Wembley Stadium in the early afternoon to see friends, french people again. Then we took our seats on the level 2, far from the stage.. but with all the screens, it's ok. The opening act were great, I Am Arrows were nice, then a band i do like in the moment White Lies, this time i don't miss them (i missed them last year in wembley due to the plane..), a great set, too short, but great tunes, new ones ! I can't wait til their second album. Then Biffy Clyro, i have a weird feeling because they have really great tunes, but in live they always have an awful sound.. particularly this time (like in bercy actually). By the way, Simon dye his hair, he had blond hair, it was weird ! Then we heard MK Ultra, it was the new video clip by Muse and MTV exit. Then Muse went on stage for the gig of the year, the best i've ever seen , it was awesome. A huge show, a huge atmosphere in this beautiful stadium, Wembley stadium, We were there ! The best setlist so far with songs i heard for the first time in live like Bliss, Citizen Erased or Ruled by Secrecy, and others great tracks like MK Ultra, Unnatural Selection, Resistance, Uprising, MK Jam, Map of the Problematique, Take a Bow, Time Is Running Out, Plug in Baby, Knights of Cydonia and some others songs. Oh i forgot Exogenesis, Part 1 like always, but this time the UFO was turning around the stadium. It's the last gig until we don't know.. maybe few months, maybe few years.. Then we went back to london center in Picadilly Circus with french people to party a bit.

The next day, we left the hotel at 10 in the morning, a long day of train and wait, i was back at home at 10 in the evening. This day was boring and i'd like to stay more time in london.

I have lots of videos from Wembley Stadium (Muse, The Big Pink, White Lies, Lily Allen) on my youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/BigtuxXblue

PS : I think i'm finally not going to see Gorillaz in paris.. i'm so disappointed, but i have to go to uni this year...


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