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Abr 30 2010, 19h50

I'm not into pimping my wares everywhere I go. However, I've been a little linking machine this morning here on I'm sure people will show up and gripe about how I'm spamming. It's understandable.

However, I'm doing whatever I can to get my music out there. I used to abhor going on pages and forums and scream "Look at me! Here's my stuff! Check it out". However, I need to sell some CDs (doesn't everybody). so...

I don't want to get into a moaning contest about how hard it is for an artist these days. It's hard for everyone. All I ask is for empathy, feedback, and love. Should you choose to give it.

Thanks all! and..uh...check out Helen Sventitsky. Thanks!


  • bigstarlet

    New listeners are good. Thank you. :)

    Mai 19 2010, 16h54
  • rumoursofwhores

    Sometimes, if you don't spam, you don't get anywhere... :)

    Mai 19 2010, 22h09
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