• alexzzx

    I agree on everything. TR isn't their best album, but it's definately better than BHAR if you're a fan of old-school Muse. There's no Starlight or Supermassive Black Hole, but who cares? Although those songs are pretty good songs, they don't really represent the overall sound of the band. My favorite album is OoS because it's just so intense and touching. I thought Absolution was a great follow up too, a little bit more sophisticated, but with the same intensity. With TR I think they got back on track. I just can't believe how that Timbaland track is so popular though, and by people who call themself Muse fans too, UD is the opposite of what Muse is all about, or used to be anyway.... Sometimes I wonder if I listen to the same band as my fellow Muse fans.

    Set 29 2009, 18h03
  • bigstarlet

    Hey Alexzzx, thanks for all of that. Truth be told, I'm more of an old-school Muse fan myself, having discovered them via Absolution, OoS is also my fave, picking up as an import after hearing it streamed on their website. As much as I find it laughable when people say that BHAR is their best album, it's certainly not something to get violent over. As for UD, my guess is that the band were pressured to come up with another SBH. It's not something I appreciate, myself, but, then again, I remember the screaming that happened when Queen first released Another One Bites The Dust.

    Set 29 2009, 19h46
  • alexzzx

    I didn't get into Muse until last year, so I was able to look at all their albums with a open mind. Either way I found myself more attracted to Absolution and OoS in the long run. I think the problem most ppl have with OoS is that Matt's eccentricity is the most present on that album. But that's what makes this band awesome as opposed to just great. But it seems like some ppl just don't get that part of the band. They have different tastes, I guess. It's funny you should mention Queen. I was afraid Muse would do the same mistakes they did. I love their 70's material, but can't stand the so called music they made in the 80's. Another One Bites The Dust rocks though.

    Out 2 2009, 22h54
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