Out 11 2009, 13h55

Sat 10 Oct – Tiësto
so... we trekked it out to atlanta to see tiesto. I dont mind the drive, only 4 hours from where i am, the middle of bumfck. rented a hotel for 65 dollars. gas roundtrip will be 100. had dinner that brought us to 40. tickets bought for will call were 90 total. (45 a piece). After walking two miles from our hotel to the North Atlanta Trade Center, we were bummed to see the line extending all the way to the adge of the building then back across the whole parking lot.... wait i thought doors opened at 9?? it was 10:10 when we got there.... shouldnt they have been letting folks in an hour and ten minutes ago?
but patiently we waited.
and moving the line back and forth several times to allow twenty dollar parking spaces to fill up, we waited some more.
and bringing the line to wrap back around the building so as to avoid the parking of the twenty dollar per space cars, we waited some more. we finally reached the corner of the front of the building by twelve thirty.... ok now... we just have to make it across the front and were golden....
so we waited some more....
so its around one o clock.... or maybe later.... (one thirty?) and up rolled a few police cars.... and some more... 8 total. no wait, 11, no wait 16. and a fire truck and an ambulance.....
the once two person across line had moved to about 7 across as people got anxious to see the door..... chanting and banging..... and rumours of "theyre not letting anyone in.... theres a riot inside" well thats all heresay....
then the cop got on the loudspeaker. perhaps it needed to be a little louder because all we heard was a muffled voice, but deciphered nothing from it.
finally able to gather a bit around the cop car in front of the door i finally heard the cop say,
"If you are in line, you need to step out of line and return to your vehicles.... no one else is getting in"
all these people paid good money to see a show that weve already been in line in for hours. there must've been 1000 people out there still, and we were oh so close to the door.
so the line dissipates.
what more to do, cept walk the two miles back to the hotel.
we took off work for this. both of us.
$65- hotel room
$110- gas roundtrip
$40- dinner otherwise would not have eaten
$180- lost wages on a saturday night we wouldve otherwise spent working (CONSERVATIVELY 180)
$100- lost wages for a sunday otherwise we wouldve spent working.

so total including lost wages 585 dollars?
i know lost wages sounds bogus, but we both took off work in advance to come out here. we are servers and work on tips. weekends is when schmoes like us work. we would've been working if not for our "supposed show" in Atlanta.
yes, i took off work to walk 4 total miles to a venue to go stand for hours in a cold parking lot in a ragdoll outfit with yarn hair. then pay to sleep in a hotel.
yeah. i do that often.
thats my idea of a good time spent.
how to get retribution, anyone?


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