favorite 15 of '05


Jan 7 2006, 9h29

because i'm better at making lists than doing things i should be doin.

1.I Am a Bird Now

2José González- veneer

3. Sufjan Stevens - Come on feel the illinoise!

4. Face the Truth

5. Twin Cinema

6. Silversun Pickups - pikkul ep

7. Cripple Crow

8. Let It Die

9. The Evens

10. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

11.Ryan Adams - jacksonville city nights & Ryan Adams - cold roses. tie. sorry.

12. Arular

13. Apologies to the Queen Mary

14. Black Sheep Boy

15. Year of Meteors


  • Bloekie

    I do not agree with the number 1, the rest makes a great list!

    Jan 7 2006, 10h19
  • bessington

    ohhh antony debatin'. i love it.

    Jan 7 2006, 21h36
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