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Jun 23 2011, 18h21

Originally posted at More Music, Yeah. on June 23, 2011

I know, all I talk about is music and comics lately.

Okay, not lately. Like, ever. But it does make it sound like I haven’t been writing, which I have been. Just that I’ve been pecking at a couple hundred words here and there between edity stuff, so it feels sort of like I’m not being productive at all. And things are busy!

Last night I saw Art Brut at the Black Cat in DC, which was great. I’ve only been once before to see the Charlatans and the crowd was comparable, but the music, um, louder. Was a great show, I even liked the opening band, Reptar, who sound a lot like the carnage that would ensue if MGMT and Vampire Weekend collided. But not. Wasn’t sure how Art Brut would translate live, as they’re one of those bands where the singer doesn’t really sing so much as talk. Turns out that’s a good tactic for them, as the band is supertight and marvelous, and Eddie Argos does some good improv comedy. Great energy, and I left grinning like a jackass. Photostream here, along with random squeeing that occurred while I was still feeling the effects of the Jameson.

Don’t judge, I was there all alone. I had to self-medicate!

But the really cool thing about the new Art Brut album (Brilliant! Tragic!) is that there’s a comic to go with it. I’m not sure where else to get it but at a show. Anyhow, the tracks all have different comic pages by different artists. Obviously I am partial to Jamie McKelvie’s, but that’s a given with me.

(Weirdly enough, one of the first blog posts I ever did — holy fuck, 26 December, 2007! — was reviewing Phonogram by him and Kieron Gillen. Now Gillen’s writing one of the new X-Men books. Which is why I’m going to try reading X-Men again, as it happens. Don’t fail me, Gillen. Please!)

Aw, that was both comics AND music! Nice one!


Right though, not off the hook yet. More Scripped songs! Again, maybe click through and check out the excerpts, see if it catches your interest, that kind of thing.

Day 6 – Super Furry Animals: Ymaelodi â’r ymylon (tumblr for excerpt/track)
While SFA have a reputation for being adorable pot-heads, they’re also, um, Welsh. This song is off Mwng, their all-Welsh release, in fact, which is awesome. Thankfully, someone has been kind enough to translate. It’s safe to say that Mountain People the world around can relate to one another on a certain level. As in, this one.

Day 7 – Stereophonics: Maybe Tomorrow (tumblr for excerpt/track)
My deep and abiding ‘Phonics love has been discussed before, I’m sure. (Oh hey, two Welsh bands in a row! Fuck yeah!) I mean, the refrain of “Maybe Tomorrow I’ll find my way home…” Come on. Stop writing songs for me, Kelly. Jeez. But yeah, this one got a slightly longer excerpt, and shows how one of the typical Rules of Faerie works for them.

Day 8 – Beck: Jack-Ass (tumblr for excerpt/track)
Oh, Odelay, you were awesome. Nostalgia aside, this song is perfect on a fae level and a coal mine/company town level. I mean, the video takes place in a coal mine, with–uh, glitter throwing Willie Nelson. Which I’m pretty sure registered on a subconscious level, even though the last time I saw the thing was when I was like 18.

Day 9 – Arcade Fire: Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) (tumblr for excerpt/track)
God, I love this song. Right, anyhow, there’s definitely a metaphorical power out at one point in this book when, as they say in Bad Boys 2, shit just gets real. And, yeah. Also a slightly longer excerpt, but when I say that it means more like 200-something words instead of 100-something or under like most. Still short!

Day 10 – Muse: Eternally Missed (tumblr for excerpt/track)
Yeah, yeah, it’s not cool to like Muse because of Twilight. Or because Matt Bellamy’s annoying or something. Whatever, I saw them right after Absolution and Bellamy is a certifiable rock god who goes from Rachmaninoff to Jimmy Page in 3.2 seconds. Plus, the song’s perfect. It’s like, you want to leave. You need to go home. But part of you wants to stay, doesn’t it? (Oh hey, it always will. Hence the whole “You can never go home” campaign. Raising awareness like a responsible author, that’s me.)

So tonight is Neil Gaiman at the DC Press Club (American Gods! EEEE!). So while I might come back and squee about that tomorrow, I’m also off to some mountain in the middle of VA for the family reunion. I am armed with wine, gin, and Gatorade. I might survive. Maybe. But yeah, weekend hiatus on the new music. Only five songs left, and they’ll come Monday-Friday next week. Woo!


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