things i don't like about my top 20


Ago 7 2010, 0h04

There was nothing to do at work today, so I decided to do this! All scrobbles correct as of 11pm, August 6th. (I totally stole this idea from xShadow1 too, so thanks!)

Biffy Clyro (2,558)
I would love them even more than I do now if they'd never released Puzzle. I'd rather they stopped making music altogether after putting out the Only One Word Comes to Mind single and b-sides. I'd sacrifice never having heard Living Is A Problem Because Everything DiesThat Golden Rule and the better b-sides from the Puzzle and Only Revolutions singles. Allow me to explain.
On the day of Puzzle's release, a friend and myself hurried down to HMV Oxford Street at 7am to get our special edition copies and our wristbands for the instore gig later that day. They were playing the album over the PA, but we were so excited to listen to it properly that we covered our ears. We hurried home to listen to it. With each song, we sighed, hoping the next would be better... but they weren't. It wasn't. We mourned.
Biffy Clyro were like nothing I'd ever heard before. They were not just any other band. Whenever I burnt somebody a copy of Infinity Land (I burnt at least 20 copies of this for different people, only one of whom was not completely transfixed), I was proud to put my name to it. I would say "Biffy Clyro are my favourite band in the whole world." I couldn't do the same with Puzzle or Only Revolutions.
But I'm just a bitter oldschooler and you know what, I'm being selfish. They're famous and rich now, and I'm happy for them. I still have Blackened Sky and The Vertigo of Bliss, and they haven't stopped recording b-sides!
I don't like that some people think Biffy Clyro is a solo artist, ie, just Simon Neil. You idiots.
I wish they still all rocked beards. And Ben didn't wear stupid porkpie hats to hide his baldness.
Also, I wish they still used all lower case letters in their artwork. I'm not buying this "all caps" business.

Mates of State (2,235)
I'm not too keen on Crushes. Or most of the grand piano / other instrument-y stuff. Electric organ, drumkit, and Jason + Kori's voices, please. They are so high up on my list because I used to listen to them while I was falling asleep every night for about three months. They just make really good pop music. You should listen to them.

Kickball (1,888)
The only artist in my top 20 I will never have the opportunity to see play live.

Beastie Boys (1,663)
I don't like cancer. I also don't really like Licensed to Ill. I don't like that when people see my Beastie Boys t-shirts the only song they know is Fight for Your Right. They should at least know Intergalactic, dammit.

Regina Spektor (1,596)
I don't like the 10 minutes of silence at the end of Time Is All Around. I don't like that Regina fans don't like Your Honor. I also don't like that there aren't more Regina songs like Your Honor.

Tubelord (1,499)
I don't like that I've never seen them play Dun Dun Dun Scissor Rocks And Tonne or Obstacles live. Sort it out, boys.

Madvillain (1,465)
I don't like that all of my Doom plays don't scrobble together. I know they're different "projects", but they're essentially the same artist. King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, Doom, DANGERDOOM, MF DOOM, I'm looking at you. If they were together he'd be my number one scrobble getter. I don't like the implied homophobia on Batty boyz. But I really really like the "bic" rhyme in the middle of it. (it's so good and I've probably just spoiled it for you but whatever.) I'm conflicted. Picasso was a misogynist, and Walt Disney a racist, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy their art, right? In my opinion he's the best rapper rapping. I've never heard anything like his flows.

Johnny Foreigner (1,387)
I wish I'd heard them earlier. I wish they had male medium white "Sofacore" t-shirts in stock in their store so I didn't have to order a girls large. I wish the idiots from Philadelphia Grand Jury didn't play a messed up version of Jay-Z's 99 Problems, forcing jofo to cut short their headline set to meet curfew the only time I've ever seen them. I also wish I knew a girl like Kelly Southern.

Port O'Brien (1,276)
I don't like that there are three different versions of "Tree Bones". But in all honestly, I like all three. Same with "I Woke Up Today". Two different versions for two different moods. It's all good.

MF DOOM (1,173)
See Madvillain.

Sufjan Stevens (1,122)
I don't like how insignificant and ordinary this man makes me feel. I don't like that I couldn't find my old viewmaster viewer to look at my viewmaster slide from The BQE.

Death Cab for Cutie (1,023)
I don't like that they get a bad rep because of how popular they are with nerdy indie girls and boys. Ben Gibbard is an amazing lyricist. I'll resist the urges to make a comment about Zooey Deschanel, too. I imagine they're wonderful together.
I don't like Plans and Transatlanticism as much as I like The Photo Album and We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes. But I can understand why people think differently. I don't like that my downloaded copy of "Drive Well, Sleep Carefully..." is so badly out of sync. I've just never seen it stocked in any shop i've ever been in.

St. Vincent (1,018)
There is nothing I do not like about Annie Clark.

Brand New (808)
I wish I'd listened to them when my friends we're raving about them and I was still listening to (and completely loving) blink-182. (no disrespect to blink-182 though. they taught me a lot.) I don't like that I've only seen them once. They are one of the best live bands I've ever seen. I don't like that "Deja Entendu" takes me back to a particularly bittersweet trip to New York City. It also soundtracked me buying a really lovely pair of Calvin Klein boxer shorts (not the ones from the adverts though), and promptly losing them. They were really nice boxer shorts.

Years Around The Sun (743)
I don't like every song on Inva de Siva. I don't like that each of their songs do not mean as much to me as "Align" does. But I'll forgive them for that.

Dirty Projectors (728)
I don't like that they're labelled at "hipster" and dismissed just because they live in Brooklyn and their music isn't boring and straightforward. You guys are just missing out.

Be Your Own Pet (702)
I don't even mind that they're split up. I think it adds to their urgency, or something. Two albums of fun times, I don't know if they even had a third in them. The thing I have a problem with is Jemina Pearl's solo stuff. I'm not the biggest fan. And it just makes me want byop back. And why does she hang around with Thurston Moore so much? He's got Kim Gordon, what, she isn't good enough? It's creepy, man. He's old enough to be her dad. And then some.

Pony Up! (613)
I don't like the dirty look the drummer gave me as I nervously approached their merch stand. It was dirty. Laura smiled at me though. So that kind of made up for it. I don't like the disgusting older men who were in their audience completely creeping. And I don't like that they're so poor they have to have normal careers to supplement their musical ones, and that they're in debt from whenever they tour.

Los Campesinos! (591)
Wish their merch guy wasn't such a douche.
me: do you have any copies of Hold On Now, Youngster...?
him: err, no. have you not looked on amazon?
me: um, I have... but I thought it'd be better to buy it from the band.
him: yes. you should always buy your albums direct from the band.
me: so, do you...?
him: no.
Also, sometimes I wish the girls had better singing voices. And that Gareth would stop whining and / or using such long words just to show us all how many books he's read. But I guess it's all part of the package.
Also. Why Tony Cascarino? What has he ever done? I cringe every time I see his name related to any kind of football punditry. He's clueless, man.

20= Marmaduke Duke (585)
I wish I'd taken the opportunity to see them before Duke Pandemonium came out, and they began to ride the Radio One wave. However, I do like that they clashed with Kings of Leon at Reading, pulling away any idiots from what was a really special performance in one of the smallest tents.

20= Algernon Cadwallader (585)
I wish I'd listened to Holly when she told me I had to go see them. Damn.


  • quixentric

    I enjoyed reading your Death Cab and St. Vincent comments. What's your take on Narrow Stairs, though? I think of the newest albums it's their best.

    Ago 14 2010, 22h08
  • m2dab

    biffy section is just ridiculously true, but i thought Puzzle was just 'Ok' where as most of only revolutions is unlistenable. The cheesy chord changes and highlighting simon as the front man really just killed biffy, and now i doubt i will ever see them live again because they always just play their awful new songs. I'm praying the next album goes back to their roots... they were truly unique and influential to so many people.

    Ago 17 2010, 16h47
  • hollychops

    I didn't dislike the last reference. But in a way I did, because it's so damn true!

    Dez 2 2010, 19h59
  • beastie_clyro

    didn't dislike? so you liked it. but in a way you didn't because it's true? EH

    Dez 2 2010, 20h20
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