• No Other One

    Jan 13 2006, 14h28

    Due to lack of internet, i haven't been able to update this page for over a month. I do have an 60kb file of backlogged music to update, which i plan to update once i get my internet back (i'm on the library internet at the moment).

    Expect Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Bruce Springsteen, Sigur Ros etc to be updated.
  • Apocalypse Jukebox!

    Out 26 2005, 20h07

    The title comes from a feature in the English music magazine "Q", where celebrities (including Ozzy Osbourne etc), say the last 10 songs they ever want to hear before the apocalypse. I thought "what would other MoFo’ers last 10 songs be, before everything goes BOOM?" To begin, here are the 10 for me. What would yours be? Why?

    This is a very difficult thing to do ‘cos I have 9500 songs on my iPod to choose from, and over 1000 of them are what I consider “5 star” quality...But anyway.

    10. Meat Loaf: I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) (12:01) (Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell, 1993)

    Jim Steinman is one of my favourite songwriters. He has an ability to make songs so flamboyant and over the top, YET make it fun and human. Only Meat Loaf can do a song like this. His best songs are always the longer ones, and this is probably his longest one. From the powerful opener, to the quiet opening verses, to the fast, to the slow – this is brilliance on a grand scale. I heard this song years ago, and when I heard it again a few years ago I was SO happy! I especially love the repeated use of the song title about 8 minutes in, and the guitars get faster and faster…brilliant!

    9. Crush 40: It Doesn’t Matter (4:27) (Crush 40, 2003)

    OK the song was 1998 as it was on Sonic Adventure, but the Crush 40 album came out in 2003, so I put that date on instead. TNT’s Tony Harnell makes the song his own. I've always loved video game music, back when it was mostly blips and blops, but when I heard this song, I was amazed! Proper rock music on a video game? Wow! It was pretty emotive, plus it was written by the dude who i help on the website so i gotta have one song by him LOL. I just love this song lots!

    8. Pink Floyd: Sorrow (8:47) (A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, 1987)

    It’s funny I choose this because the album – a few songs aside – is rather poor. The Wall’s “Comfortably Numb” almost made it here, but Sorrow -whilst a little inferior to the song just mentioned- still rocks in my opinion. One of the finest album closers of all time. The ending guitar work that is in the last few minutes is some of the finest guitar work ever. The live version on Pulse is fantastic (and longer too!) aswell. Brilliant

    7. R.E.M.: Nightswimming (4:16) (Automatic For The People, 1992)

    Judging by most of the songs on the list, I quite like sad songs. Well yeah, I do, but Nightswimming cannot be ignored. I will never forget when I saw R.E.M. live, when they played this song. It made my hair stand on end. It was so haunting and lovely, that many songs cannot replicate. Sublime.

    6. Radiohead: No Surprises (3:4 (OK Computer, 1997)

    When Thom Yorke sings “Such a pretty house and such a pretty garden, no alarms and no surprises, no alarms and no surprises please…”, I feel as though the world stops sometimes. Many people say OK Computer is the greatest album of all time. I disagree (though it beats Nevermind). It is ONE of the greatest albums of all time. The song has many layers, which I enjoy. The xylophone is a wonderful instrument used to full effect, and you can really only know half the song until you watch the music video. There’s not much to it – but when you see it. You’ll see…

    5. blink-182: Going Away To College (2:59) (Enema Of The State, 1999)

    Say what you want about their puerile humour, but boy did these guys know how to make a tune. This song works for me on 2 levels. One – it reminds me of a lovely sunny day when I listened to the album. Nothing special happened that day, but it was just a lovely day. Secondly, it’s just such a sunny, happy song, which always makes me feel happy. When hearing this, I dream of going to an American Pie 2 style holiday.

    4. The Beach Boys: God Only Knows (2:50) (Pet Sounds, 1966)

    Goodness knows how good this song must have sounded almost 40 years ago, let alone today! In the liner notes, Brian Wilson said he wanted “maximum vibes” for this song, and boy is it delivered. It warms me whenever I hear it, and confirms that the guy is a genius. I love it today in 2005.

    3. Jimmy Eat World: Your House (4:45) (Jimmy Eat World, 2001)

    I remember the first time I ever heard this song. I don’t remember my reaction, but whatever I thought of it at the time, even since I got the album, I would play (at times) only this song off this album. The album itself is brilliant, but this song to me – is what I love of JEW. Heartfelt, epic – it’s brilliant. The 2nd half of the song with it’s repeated use of “If you love me, don’t call” is ironically lovely LOL. I have seen Jimmy Eat World twice now, and twice they haven’t played this song which saddens me (though they did play “23” once which made up for it!)

    2. The Smashing Pumpkins: Starla (11:01) (Pieces Iscariot, 1994)

    I admit it’s quite strange to have a B-side (from 1991 single “I Am One” – Pieces Iscariot is a b-sides compilation) so high up here, but why it wasn’t put on an album is beyond me. The first few minutes are pretty boring admittedly (though it’s still good), but it’s just the jam freak out 5 ½ minutes in that clinches it for me. It’s just 4 ¾ minutes of wild soloing, that makes my hair stand on end. One of the best songs people are unlikely to hear…

    1. The The: Uncertain Smile (6:53) (Soul Mining, 1983)

    This is quite difficult, because it was a choice between this or “This Is The Day” off the same album. To me, This Is The Day is just as brilliant, but Uncertain Smile has a quality to it, that I seldom find in any other song. Whenever I tell people to listen to this – nobody has said that it sucked. The final 3 ½ minutes is some of the best music I have ever heard. It’s a piano solo that sounds like it’s been done by at least 2 or 3 people, but it’s all done by Jools Holland (guesting on the song). It still feels fresh every time I hear it, and I hear it a lot! The lyrics are also brilliant, but I expected nothing less from Matt Johnson. Absolutely wonderful. Uncertain Emotions force an uncertain smile.

    Other songs I would add would be “Butterfly” (Weezer), “Photograph” (Def Leppard), “Radiation Vibe” (Fountains of Wayne), “Hallowed Be Thy Name” (Iron Maiden), “Sleep The Clock Around” (Belle and Sebastian), “Nicotine and Gravy” (Beck), “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)” (Jason Mraz), “While We Were Hunting Rabbits” (Matthew Good), “Change of Heart” (Hardline), “Grand Designs” (Rush), “Dream Brother” (Jeff Buckley), “A Change of Seasons” (Dream Theater), “We’re In This Together” (Nine Inch Nails) etc. See how hard it was? LOL
  • Vol~O

    Out 24 2005, 19h34

    I like to make a lot of compilations, as i've mentioned earlier. This week, i've set myself the task of making a compilation for uncertainsmile. This has been a rather joyless affair LOL! I say that because, I admire his taste in music, but with some exceptions, the same cannot be said for me back :P

    Therefore the task was to make a compilation with songs he liked. It was pretty damn tough, but here it is. The reason there are a few Weezer and Eels songs are as follows. The Weezer songs are desired B-sides, and the Eels songs are songs from albums he doesn't own. It should be noted that tracks 12, 16 and 18 are b-sides also.

    01. The Blue Nun
    02. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
    03. From Rags to Riches
    04. Kick To Kill
    05. Bravado
    06. Devotion
    07. Perfectly
    08. Shame
    09. Look At Me
    10. Dog Faced Boy
    11. Share This Poison
    12. Angel
    13. Starlight
    14. Stay
    15. Railroad Man
    16. Arms of Love
    17. We Live Again
    18. How I Made My Millions
    19. Fashion Awards
    20. This Is Just a Modern Rock Song

    Comments? Personally, it's not the best one i've ever done, but it's the best i could do with such limitations LOL
  • Eclectic

    Out 20 2005, 20h30

    I like to make compilations for friends. For one person, they tend to be eclectic to the point of lunacy.

    So for example the last one I did had Waiting for You on one hand, and on the other hand I put on For Whom The Bell Tolls

    In other times, it would be Burn and then Japanese Techno (from the Dancing Stage OST). For fear of embaressment, I shall refrain from saying anymore...

    Anybody else have an eclectic mix?
  • BoilingPoint

    Ago 14 2005, 21h15

    I figured i may as well write a journal for the sake of it, even though i already have one.

    Something witty/informative/useful would appear here but unfortunately that's not today.

    I do wonder if i'll ever have a day where i listen to DragonForce and Tom Baxter on the same day ever again though. I don't think i will, but it'd be bloody funny.