• Joan Baez in Madrid (12.03.2010)

    Mar 15 2010, 1h20

    Fri 12 Mar – Joan Baez


    That is the only way in which I can describe this concert. Perhaps I should state that it was my first chance at seeing Joan live so I can not really compare it to any previous performance but I don't really need to. In my own experience, the emotion she conveyed in every song and the thrill she made us feel were beyond any other performace I have ever attended to.

    From the moment she walked on stage, she made a connection with each one of us. She opened with "Lily of the West" and that set the mood for the evening. We became a bunch of old friends gathered to listen to what she had to say. And she had a lot to say that night.

    She sang about time passing, happines and hopes. She moved us with "Love Song To A Stranger" - which had me into tears - and made us smile with "De Colores". She gave us a handful of precious gifts, such as "Gracias A La Vida" or "El Preso Numero Nueve" which was absolutely amazing and, to my mind, the highlight of the concert.

    The band left the stage half way through it, leaving Joan alone with her guitar. And she treated us to some of the most beautiful singing I have ever heard. Including an a capella "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" that granted her a well deserved standing ovation.

    At some point, someone in the audience requested "We Shall Over Come" and Joan was kind enough to jump into it. She sang the first verse and then made us repeat it to her. And we did, how could we not? We were mesmerized by then.

    "Joe Hill", "Forever Young" or "Scarlet Tide" were mixed with old favourites of her Spanish audiences such as "La Llorona", "Llegó con tres heridas" or "Farewell Angelina".

    She was having fun and so were we. During a particularly happy Portuguese song (which title I can't remember at the moment) she even did an impromptu dance that had us cheering with joy.

    She finished the concert with a few encores and naturally "Blowing in the Wind".

    The standing ovation she got lasted for a few minutes and, had she not walked off stage, it could have lasted all night long, such was our desire to show the lady how much we loved her that night - and years to come.

    Please, Joan, come back soon!

  • Duplicates, triplicates and twenty-plicates!

    Mar 5 2009, 19h06

    Why does my iPod scrobbling hate me so much? Why?! Why'! Why?! Duplicates are bad enough. Triplicates are nasty things to happen. I just scrobbled "You Owe me One" twenty-six times!!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! I must delete that and so I lose all plays of the song for the day, which kills me cause I didn't play it 26 frikin' times at the same minute but I played it like six times all through the day and now they are gone.


    Oh and fuck you FAQ. And the forums. You don't help at all!


    Duplicates all over my list... dammitdammitdammit. DAMN.

    Yes, I know this is a pointless entry, so what? I am pissed and I need to vent!
  • Stupid accents and non-Enlgish names

    Abr 4 2007, 21h20

    I can understand the complexity of defining rules for international characters. The puzzle programmers should solve to manage all the accents, symbols and special characters every user needs. Still...

    You play "Edith Piaf" and says you're playing Édith Piaf.
    You play "Blof" and it says it's Blof.

    Looping the loop, they change "Elefteria Arvanitaki" into Eleftheria Arvanitaki

    Why can't they do the same for Ana Belen and Ana Belén?
    What about Rocio Durcal, Rocío Durcal AND Rocío Dúrcal?

    It can't be more complicated than Eleutheria!