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Abr 12 2007, 19h05

Obligatory meme instructions for those that might want to take on the challenge. So I was reading some of the memes out there and I ran across one that I thought was kind of interesting. You were to play your neighbour radio station, list the first ten artists that came up and your feelings about them. I tried it and eh. It was okay. Two artists I didn’t like. One I never heard of but was iffy on and the rest old favorites. So I thought I’d try something I thought was more interesting to me personally. I thought I would do each of my friends radio stations. List the particular song as well as artist and give my reaction to it. I’ve also decided to add a music video of some kind to the journals to give them a little interest.

I have no memory of becoming MacBride’s friend. I am bored senseless at work today. The weather is horrifying. A grey downpour. I have nothing to do. And I can only read so many blogs before my brain just starts to overload but there is nothing else to do. And that is just mind numbingly dull and time slows to glacial speed. So this is my haven. Whether I love it or hate it is the best use of 45 minutes I can possibly think of right now. So let’s go MacBride, entertain me.


Taste-o-Meter: Very High

Flying A Kite - Oh. I love it. This is just great.

Ed Is Dead - Well, ok then. Its okay I guess. Never been a huge Pixies fan.

Junes foreign spell - Oh okay. Its okay. I mean I’m not fleeing and pushing the ban button. But eh. Whatever. Sounds like everything else.

Black Soul Choir - Much better. This is a great song!

Smaointe - I love Enya. My son was born to a 32 hour repetition of The Celts and Watermark. I know that seems like an awful lot of listens but it definitely helps the mind focus when you are intimately familiar with every nuance of the music you are listening to.

Another Horsedreamers Blues - Oh I hate the Counting Crows. Arrgghh. I am going to listen though. Hopefully I will have only killed a few brain cells during the listening of this drivel over the next, oh god, 3:09 left. I do feel like I might break out in a rash though.

Come Back To Camden - Goodness. During this grey and dismal day Morrissey just seems like overkill. If I was 19 again though, I would totally find these things in sync.

empty page - Oh I like this song. It makes me smile.

Tumble dice - Oh this is a good antidote for the blahs. Very up and dancy. Plus I do like the Stones.

Do You Realize - This is the Flaming Lips? I had no idea. I like them. I didn’t know.

Well, that was quite entertaining. To bad I can’t continue to kill the next three f’in hours of my day like this. But then, I’m sure that doing meme’s would lose its luster too. And I’d have to search for something else to do. Oh well. Thank you MacBride for sucking up 42:22 of my day. I wish I could give you a Hershey’s Kiss or something. But instead I’ll just offer up this video for your enjoyment.

And our video selection is…

Sonic Youth - Empty Page

Joanna Newsome Pixies Spoon 16 Horsepower Enya Counting Crows Morrissey Sonic Youth Rolling Stones The Flaming Lips


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