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Mar 19 2007, 16h16

Obligatory meme instructions for those that might want to take on the challenge. So I was reading some of the memes out there and I ran across one that I thought was kind of interesting. You were to play your neighbour radio station, list the first ten artist that came up and your feelings about them. I tried it and eh. It was okay. Two artists I didn’t like. One I never heard of but was iffy on and the rest old favorites. So I thought I’d try something I thought was more interesting to me personally. I thought I would do each of my friends radio stations. List the particular song as well as artist and give my reaction to it. I’ve also decided to add a music video if some kind to the journals to give them a little interest.

I decided to do a journal about the hubby. I know. I know. I already know the taste and I won’t be challenged or learn anything new but that’s the kind of mood I am in. Plus I’m silly busy at work so it’s nice to hear music I am familiar with and already like. Although I am SURE that something I don’t care for will slip its way in.


Taste-o-meter: Super

Wait Until Tomorrow - Well it is Jimi so-

Karma Police - Another great choice. I love this album.

Village Ghetto Land - Wow! I just love LOVE LOVE this song. Okay, I’m sensing a problem with doing a station with someone who I share a music collection with. I know it all. I love it all. I might not hear anything new at all.

Sweet Thing - Oh good, a Van Morrison song that I haven’t heard a MILLION times yet. I do love Van Morrison though.

The Sun In The Stream - Ah…Enya. I love Enya. Play a few pieces on the piano and all that. Was perfect for this time of day when I wanna kill people. Plus my son was born to hours of repetition of this album so its always great to hear.

Italian Restaurant - I wish it was a less played Billy Joel. I got tired of Joel but then ALBOE started playing some stuff I didn’t know and I was excited all over again.

Elected - Arrgh. I like some…some…Alice Cooper. This is definitely NOT doing it for me. Again here we are at 7 and I am skipping away. That’s so odd…

Legalize It - Oh…better. This is definitely more like it for me. Way too short though.

Tiny Dancer - Oh course there are WAY better Elton John songs. But I haven’t heard this in a while so-

Who Knew - I’ve be neglecting Eminem. I need to rectify that situation. Not the most up song to go out on. But I do enjoy my Eminem.

Well, I wasn’t wrong was I? But I did truly enjoy my time doing the meme anyways! Now onto someone I don’t know at all…

Oh but first a video…

Alice Copper - Elected

Jimi Hendrix Experience Radiohead Stevie Wonder Van Morrison Enya Billy Joel Alice Cooper Cyprus Hill Elton John Eminem


  • bamgrrl

    Well, answers.com defines it thusly, [i]a unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.[/i] However, for our purposes it's a silly exercise repeated by members of the Last.Fm community for the intent of wasting time and talking about music.

    Mar 22 2007, 13h39
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