"Listing" -- Giving myself a 10sec lead


Nov 5 2006, 21h53

Music obsessives have always been about "listing"... Fave all-time records (Beatles White). Top metal bands of the 80s (AXL dude). Best songs for a 1-hour makeout session (Needs considerable thought, but I might consider Tricky's Feed Me....hmmm....or any number of sappy Yo La Tengo tracks). The point being is that there are any number of reasons to compile one, but music geeks do it because we love it and frankly, we all consider ourselves a better authority than U when we make them.

So...get ready for the onlaught of year-end 2006 music best-of lists. Blame Nick Hornby (and Cusak thereafter) for bringing these lists to everyone's attention with "High Fidelity." And oh yeah! Blame that Naptster kid too[1]. Listing-mania, however, has since taken an annoying turn now that everyone (well, lots of the tube people) have blogs[2]. Weblogs[3] come with the added bonus of "commenters" interjecting, pronouncing their own personal faves or flaming because the said list is too mainstream or it didn't even consider the year-end Nas record[4]. Consider putting an obscure fave at your #9 spot. Cryptic + Undistinguished = Indie Cred.

All in all, get ready for LOTS of lists. I'm getting the jump on mine (I'm the expert remember?) so that I won't be influenced by what blogolators have to say.

[1] for making all this excessive/obsessive listening possible.
[2] the original, inspirational source for blogs is dennis miller's rants. why doesn't he ever get any credit for this?
[3] like this one!
[4] i already slotted it for #8. i'm calling it a "street-smart return to form"
[5] respect to David Foster Wallace


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