Dingoes and Sunrises


Jun 18 2010, 15h25

Four Star MaryPain

I can never tell if I love Four Star Mary because they remind me of watching Buffy ( known to Buffy fans as the music for the fictional band Dingoes Ate My Baby) and it makes me feel like I’m hanging at the Bronze with the Scoobies or if they are just really good. Anyway, for whatever reason I love singing along to this one in the car all angsty like I’m rocking out at CBGB.

“But you always run away when I come around…”

Howie DayCollide

And then for a complete 360, I love this song because it is so sweet, sexy, and honest. There is something so fantastic about those moments in life where things seem to just come together, but there is also a side to it that makes you question and over think the whole thing. This song captures that feeling so well and any time I start having those feelings, I tend to leave this one in repeat in my car for awhile.

“Out of the doubt that fills my mind, I somehow find you and I collide…”


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