Radio Free Dominion 26


Mai 1 2006, 20h13

I forgot to take allergy medicine today... crap...

Matador at Fifteen (DVD) I ripped the DVD to mp3s because I could... a bit more extra music never hurt anyone!

Matinee The acoustic versions of Jacqueline (Better in Hoboken) and Forty Feet are great and show there's more raw musical talent to this band then they let on.

Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too An amazing album. It's a shame they broke up before their second single even came out. Definitely 70s inspired, but still relevant. Gregg Alexander's solo work is decent too, at least what I've heard. The hardest part is finding it. Highlights: Mother We Just Can't Get Enough, I Hope I Didn't Just Give Away The Ending, Crying Like A Church on Monday

Mink Car What a fun band... not their best work, but not bad either. Highlights: Bangs, Cyclops Rock, Mink Car

Misc. Music (disc 1: Unreleased/B-Sides) There swan song, of sorts. A collection of unreleased songs and b-sides, but highlighted with a second disk that contained their farewell show. Some of their best songs are featured here. Highlights: Believe In Anger, History - Fiction, Ciao! My Shining Star

Misc. Music (disc 2: Live) The farewell show, well documented, I must say. Highlights include a particularly ripping take on Pedestrian, Agony, and Solved

Modern Life Is Rubbish Probably one of the best britpop albums out there. Probably surpassess Parklife as my favorite Blur album, but not by much. Highlights: Chemical World, Pop Scene, Turn It Up

More Than Us
MTV 120 Minutes Live
MTV2 Handpicked


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