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Abr 6 2006, 18h45

15th anniversary of the first time i got bored at work with an ipod...
firefox's ad blocker has vastly improved since the last version i had... when brady made his remarks about google ads, i had no idea what he was talking about. Turns out they've been there all along, I can see them at work.. ewww, where's my subscriber status!!!

Blue I didn't like this album much at first, and there are still 3 or 4 songs in the middle that don't do anything for me, but on the whole, i really like it. I wish there wasn't 35-odd minutes of silence after Darwin, such a great song, but that is prohibitive from mixtape adding...

Books A B&S ep, omghats, lol. Three interesting songs and one brush off. The brush off being a remix of one of the other songs that just didn't come off nearly as well.

Bringing Down The Horse This is just a good album, there's no way of saying it. It remains a stalwart reminder that not all 90's radio-friendly music sucked. Its a shame that their other albums didn't receive the attention this one did.

Buddy Another random single that I'm not surprised at all didn't show up. With a low-fi sound somewhere between the beatles and beach boys (but nowhere near as talented). Its still not bad, I figured, I may as well keep it, it isn't too bad...

Building Nothing Out of Something Even though I realize it's not a true album, if I had to pick a favorite Modest Mouse cd, this would easily be it. I don't think there's a bad song out there. Plus, it's infinitely cheaper than trying to get all of the various singles and EPs it collects. Last I checked Interstate 8 was going for 75 bucks when you could find it, and some of the versions of these songs are of lower quality on interstate 8, if the mp3s i listened to were any indication. The songs remind me of a drunken singalong... and I really do mean that in a good way. I'm told they're great live, that Isaac Brock has no problem singing in tune... when he wants to. Now that's bad ass. Or lazy. Or, most likely, both.

BULLET WITH BUTTERFLY WINGS the second single on our tour of the aeroplane box set. Some good b-sides on this one, ...Said Sadly and You're All I've Got Tonight especially.

Cigarettes & Alcohol Ahh the oasis singles collection... nearly complete up through SOTSOG. Always classic... though everything on here ended up on Masterplan...

Closest Thing To Heaven another 1-trk single from the massive lot of singles i got.

CMJ New Music Monthly Has some good tracks from Neko Case, Apples In Stereo, Low, and the Violent Femmes

Com Lag Ah the EP. Some good stuff. A great four tet remix (once you fix the track glitch), a terrible christian vogel mix, a couple live songs, and some b-sides... everything you've come to expect in a radiohead ep.

Come Away with Me I got this album new at a flea market for less than 5 bucks. I really like her voice. I never really followed up after this album though, I heard the single for the second album, liked it, but never listened to anything else.

Come Back Around[/albums] The most Foo Fighterish sounding band from Scotland. No wonder I like this single! (It's entirely possible that I'm remembering incorrectly and that they aren't scottish)

[album artist=Gin Blossoms]Congratulations I'm Sorry
Man, what fantastic songs...

and with that, my ipod has lost its batteries. Time to switch to last fm radio!


  • bradymcl

    Yay for Books EP... Was it Pitchfork who called Your Cover's Blown indie rock's Boehemian Rhapsody?

    Abr 8 2006, 1h59
  • avatarofnirvana

    lol i believe it was, though i'll be honest... i really don't see any sort of connection...

    Abr 8 2006, 2h57
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