OST: The life and times of an RJ


Mar 21 2006, 21h35

Swipe from Rafikz because this is a really cool idea.

Opening Credits: Samskeyti

Waking Up: My Angel Rocks Back and Forth

Average Day: Chocolate

First Date: 867-5309

Falling in Love: Hounds Of Love

Love Scene: To Be Alone With You

Fight Scene: The Execution of All Things

Breaking Up: Jenny

Post-breakup Angst Phase: Agony

Getting Back Together: Here Comes Your Man

Life's Okay: Life On A Chain

Betrayal: Jenny Was a Friend of Mine

Learning a Lesson: Learning How To Smile

Long Night Alone: Disconnection Notice

Prerequisite Car Chase Scene: Munich

Get Drunk: Tubthumping

Sudden Death: Street Spirit

The Aftermath: This Modern

Closing Credits: Twilight

Dude, I am so making this playlist when I get home... Notice how I subtly used the theme of the girls name would be... Jenny... oh wait, i just made an on the go playlist and saved it, sa-weet! I also added in a period: the aftermath. and if that doesn't fill a cd, i'll probably add categories until it does. that's how i roll.

Edit: to make the story stronger, changed Frou Frou's Let Go to Tommy Tutone's 867-5309 (Jenny I Got Your Number)

Edit 2: Added the Post Breakup Angsty Phase & The Prerequisite Car Chase Scene


  • bradymcl

    that's pretty nifty i must say.

    Mar 21 2006, 23h57
  • avatarofnirvana

    heh, and you were right to reccommend the Editors. I downloaded Munich, it was the free track of the week from the iTunes music store and it's amazing!

    Mar 22 2006, 16h20
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