• Top Ten

    Fev 5 2009, 19h15

    a) the first song you ever heard
    b) the song that made you fall in love with them
    c) the song you currently like best.

    Darren Hayes
    a) Insatiable
    b) Strange Relationship
    c) Sing to Me

    a) Baby, You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek
    b) To Trixie and Reptile, Thanks for Everything
    c) I Didn't Say I Was Powerful, I Said I Was a Wizard

    a) Valmont
    b) Hayley
    c) Keep the Mood

    The Audition
    a) Approach the Bench
    b) Don't Be So Hard
    c) Warm Me Up

    Circa Survive
    a) The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is in the Dose
    b) The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is in the Dose
    c) In Fear and Faith

    My American Heart
    a) The Process
    b) Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather
    c) Moving On

    Panic At The Disco
    a) I Write Sins Not Trageties
    b) Camisado
    c) When the Day Met the Night

    The Academy Is...
    a) Slow Down
    b) The Phrase That Pays
    c) Classifieds

    Cinematic Sunrise
    a) Pulling a Piano From a Pond
    b) Umbrellas and Elephants
    c) Goodbye Friendship, Hello Heartache

    The Rocket Summer
    a) Do You Feel
    b) Save
    c) Save
  • How mainstream am I?

    Dez 17 2008, 21h03

    Find the number of listeners for your top 20 artists...

    1. Darren Hayes - 98,379
    2. Chiodos - 162,469
    3. Empires - 4,051
    4. Circa Survive - 185,552
    5. The Audition - 75,330
    6. My American Heart- 91,545
    7. Panic at the Disco - 201,951
    8. The Academy Is... - 276,059
    9. The Rocket Summer - 144,309
    10. All Time Low - 152,582
    11. Pierce the Veil - 26,719
    12. Cute Is What We Aim For - 167,193
    13. Metro Station- 124,934
    14. Fall Out Boy - 873,983
    15. Cobra Starship - 158,613
    16. Envy on the Coast - 29,418
    17. Cinematic Sunrise - 18,755
    18. A Change of Pace- 80,762
    19. Anthony Green - 24,057
    20. Mindless Self Indulgence - 226,808

    Total: 3123469

    Divide by 20.
    Total: 156173.45

    Divide by number of listeners for the top artist (Coldplay).
    Total: .084601

    8.5 % mainstream