Mini Review: Idle Warship Habits of the Heart


Out 24 2011, 20h34

I just happen to discover Idle Warship new album Habits Of The Hearton Spotify by accident (available 3 weeks ahead of time on the music streaming service), and I was in no way prepared for to hear one of the best hip hop influenced albums I’ve heard in years, if not one of my favorite albums of 2011 period.

Idle Warship is rapper Talib Kweli,Res of They Say Vision/Golden Boys fame, and rapper-singer Graph Rebel . It’s an exciting and eclectic mix of hip hop, electronica, soul and rock with even some Caribbean/Reggae influences.

It’s a wall of clever rhymes, crisp and funky beats, distorted, fuzzy guitars and organs. While they could be sampled, many of the drums and bass sound live, and Res is in perfect soul singing form, making it sound like an incredible jam session.
Habits of the Heart definitely belongs up there with Frank Ocean, and The Weeknd as genre defying hip hop albums that kick off the 2010’s


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