Single Review: Beyonce : Girls (Who Run The World)


Abr 22 2011, 13h53

**his review was rewritten after discovering the song contains a large interpolation of Major Lazers Pon De Floor***

I was all ready to declare Beyonce's new single Who Run The World (Girls) as a new avant-urban gem. In stead of running to Max Martin or redOne for dance floor, Beyonce goes underground and picks producer Switch along with cohort Diplo, who are better known for their work with M.I.A. and Major Lazer

So I guess its OK if a producer rips off his own track (Timbaland has made a career out of it) but as a music lover, it does take the originality out of the track.

You know what I mean..when you thought it was Kanye on a Vocoder instead to find out its an interpolation of a Bon Iver track on Lost In The World

But lets say you dont have a clue who Switch is, you're going to hear a very interesting sexy Beyonce vocal over some rushing military marching band percussion,with IDM fairy dust over the top. The song is disjointed, and more of a sexified half time show work out than a traditional pop song

As others have said, she probably needs to get off the GIRL POWER! Anthems she's already tread, but kudos to Beyonce and her team for picking a left field producer and try something else besides Swizz Beatz or Ryan Tedder


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