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x . live the life you love . love the life you live . x

i crave knowledge. constantly. i think too much. always have. im terrible at making decisions or sitting still. i love music, including a whole bunch of different styles. basically, it has to make me want to move or have lyrics or a message i can relate to. i like to make music (lazy rhythm guitar usually) when i can. i played bass in a band called UNNECESSARY SURGERY. it was my friends band and my heart was never really in it. plus they were actually talented. lol. i have always loved animals and all things nature. in particular i feel a close affinity to creatures less cute and cuddly and generally ignored by the public. art can be amazing. it can be shit. i love being creative but cant always find the drive. i like making things. i like breaking things and making them into new things. i like dumpster diving. i like smiling at people i dont know for no apparent reason and seeing them smile back. ahhhh, warm. fuzzy. sometimes i drink alcohol. sometimes i smoke cigarettes. i have been known on occasion to dabble in amatuer shamanism and ethnobotany. what of it. by nature i generally chose the back alleys, unbeaten tracks and the roads less travelled. i like finding things. i like meeting people. strange people. i like experiencing fresh ideas and new cultures. video games are fun. nothing has previously, does now or ever will rock as hard as ZELDA. go link. lost vikings and the X-COM series were pretty kewl as well. old games systems rock. i heart super nintendo and mario bros. i've been described (and diagnosed. lol) at various times by various people over the years as a compassionate, eclectic, eccentric, brilliant, captivating, hilarious, entertaining, genius and more often than any of those things as an immature, confusing, indecisive, frustrating, melodramatic, insecure, self centred, manic depressive, bipolar, A.D.D. bastard... what can i say? i'm working on it... oh highest highs, above all else absolute love and respect to the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley - roots rock reggae! everything is war. rest in peace RAS son...

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