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Jul 23 2009, 0h31

The Pre-beginning
This journal entry will take you to places where you haven't been to in at least two weeks. Let us conclude the pre-beginning, and resume to the beginning.

The Beginning

The Wiggles were last mentioned in a journal back on the 23rd of September, 2008. In order to honour their contributions to music, I will salute them here. I've been listening to two of their records recently, The Wiggles Go Bananas! and Sing A Song Of Wiggles. Both are very solid, great music and lovely vocals. Only thing that detracts from the experience is that the band are doing lots of cover songs, rather than pumping out the originals. Highlights include:
"Monkey Man (feat. Kylie Minogue)"

"Sing A Song Of Sixpence"

I particularly enjoy Carolyn Ferrie's (otherwise known as the voice of Dorothy the Dinosaur) singing here.

Album You Might Like to Listen to, Part I:

Their myspace tickles my humour ventricle. Among their influences (which I take to mean also their interests): "Knee capping, unruly scoundrels, villainry, garrotting, piracy, pillaging, brawling, scheming, hot wenches like yourself, ugly seadogs like your friend, hotter wenches like your mother, lying through broken teeth, rum, skulduggery, bugger grips, back alley knife fights, stout, treacherous gambling, fighting the good fight against sobriety, cannonfire, ale, visiting the barrel, Kimbo Slice and heavy metal".

They say they sound like: "Grand Belial's Key, Celtic Frost, (old) Bolt Thrower, Divine Eve, Hellhammer, Root, Order From Chaos, (old) Carcass, Autopsy, (old) Deceased, Mortuary Drape, Battleaxe Phillips" (this last reference I do not understand.... google tells me nothing).

I describe them as: sludgy thrashy death metal. There are also hints of black metal, more so in their early works. The whole vibe reminds me of the comic-within-a-comic, Tales of the Black Freighter in Alan Moore's Watchmen. When I was first introduced to CBR's concept of pirate metal, I was expecting something like Captain Feathersword (see the Wiggles pic above) with guitars. Instead, Skulduggery is dark, murky and grueling, perhaps what real life on the seas is about.

Fans of the Australian awesex death metal band might want to check out this recording of a rehearsal (note: some of the tracks are incorrectly tagged). You can't hear the vocals much (heck, I can't recall if TSI is even singing or not). You do get to hear the unreleased track titled "Red Antlered Radiant". You can also see that song being performed below:

Recently Purchased:

I also bought the first three seasons of the HBO crime drama The Wire. It's very entertaining. Might buy the box set of OZ very shortly. SBS has screened it on television here, but I've always missed the first season.

Monday Music Mix: Says it all in the title really. Mixes have been strangely missing from my life.

As seen in my 'About Me' section, "Up for some free doof-doof? Click HERE (as opposed to HERE) for Pulse, by Tenshimaru." Makes for fun listening, I lub bass, I lub my subwoofer. Lots of nice melodies to be found here.

Fans in Australia of Michael Jackson should be made aware that on the 1st of August, rage will be presenting a Michael Jackson special. An hour long preview will be shown at 10 AM, and the full show will begin at 11:45 PM. From TVtonight:

"rage promises no interruptions, only full length clips, archive rarities, interview footage and much more spanning over 40 years of Michael Jackson’s prolific career. It includes rare footage of Jackson performing his earliest hits, interview footage with the Jackson family from the 1970s, plus favourite clips from The Jackson 5. The tribute includes rare footage from 'Countdown' including exclusive interviews with Jackson, and even Molly Meldrum dressed in ghoulish zombie makeup to celebrate the release of Thriller."

Visit rage in the week prior to the show for more details, including the playlist on the Friday before.

Album You Might Like to Listen to, Part II:

So brutal. I struggle to describe their sound (which is rather indicative of the amount of death metal I've explored). But brutal I think is adequate enough. Cool moments galore, love singing along "I speak ill of the... DEAAAAAADDDDD!!". Uh, it's a doomy death metal, they like to slow the tempo down while still pumping out the riffs. I just checked out the lyrics to "Priest", it makes for a good read:
Despise you degrade you in time he will break you
In the name of the father he’ll lead you to Satan’s bed
And nothing is said
There’s nothing that he would like more than to rape you
And laugh as you bleed and delight as you beg
By the toll of the bell

No morals or ethical thoughts can deter
His commitment to God as he straddles your head
The craving is fed
The look on his face as you’re squirming and bleeding
Distorted and pleading is a sight for sore eyes

Oh how I despise
His sinister guise
His truth is a lie
And a sight for sore eyes

I swear on the bible with every expletive
I’ll loosen your collar and sever your jugular
Stigmartyr neck
Who’s laughing now kiddie fucker I’m so glad you suffer
It’s funny how things come around
Shh don’t make a sound

The tables have turned and with this knife I bless you
Confess as your rosary beads turn from white to red
For those you misled
For so long so little was said I hang on your
Last cough and splutter I fill you with dread

The tables have turned and with this knife I bless you
Confess as your rosary beads turn from white to red
Oh how I despise your putrified breath
Your truth is nothing but a lie and a sight for sore eyes

Band Spam (whose sexuality is more often than not questioned for reasons I am unaware; the main purpose is to push this one annoying journal regarding black metal out of the artists' profiles that I frequent often so as not to be constantly dismayed by the lack of integrity being displayed by this person who has essentially rehashed old memes in his bid for fame and glory)
PortalStargazer Haha, that's it. I can't bring myself to spam my journal around. I have a target audience, and that's fine enough with me.

Now Running Out of Ideas
Last.FM Milestones:1st track (12 Aug 2007) :
Slipknot - Slipknot
5000th track (30 Oct 2007) :
Prince - Cream
10000th track (17 Dec 2007) :
The Sleepy Jackson - Work Alone
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The Black Dahlia Murder - The Blackest Incarnation
20000th track (20 Apr 2008) :
Agalloch - Not Unlike the Waves
25000th track (12 Aug 2008) :
Dinah Washington - New Blowtop Blues
30000th track (1 Nov 2008) :
Air - Bathroom Girl
35000th track (1 Jan 2009) :
Patsy Cline - San Antonio Rose
40000th track (14 Mar 2009) :
Sonic Youth - The Sprawl
45000th track (13 May 2009) :
Juan Serrano - Entre Olas
50000th track (20 Jul 2009) :
The Esoteric Connexion - Death Rides A Horse
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The End


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