Mai 2 2006, 19h37


  • Zezozoze

    Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock Freestyle - It's Automatic SHOW NO SHAME!!! Horny breakdancing robots were once the scourge of America's urban centers. The streets were a freak battleground. Innocent partygoers were getting rubbed up on left and right. No woman was safe from their lewd herky jerky advances. In 1983, the Department of Justice had to deploy the elite PhoenixFireReaper Strikeforce to deal with the epidemic. It is believed that a few of the randy automatons survived, and went into hiding in deepest Harlem. There, they collect boomboxes and D batteries, and await the coming of their robotic messiah, the Freakatron, who will lead them into a Golden Age of Mechanical Molestation.

    Mai 2 2006, 20h11
  • armst

    I bet robots are extremely efficient rapists.

    Mai 2 2006, 20h43
  • Zezozoze

    I'm pretty sure they're just into forceable heavy petting and bumping and/or grinding. But that doesn't make them any less dangerous.

    Mai 2 2006, 21h03
  • MosesMcCluer

    Pete Townshend did a whole album about robots.

    Mai 2 2006, 21h38
  • theorange28

    check out this band: also, this one's pretty good too:

    Mai 3 2006, 23h22
  • armst

    I've seen Captured by Robots before, pretty awesome concept.

    Mai 4 2006, 4h48
  • Korosuke

    Kneeeeeeel before Freakatron!

    Nov 5 2006, 4h51
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