• let's start again.

    Fev 21 2012, 15h42

    I love writing - as in providing informations, expressing my own opinions and most of all as a memory recording.

    I always remember the context of how I discovered every single song from my great music library. Almost every song has it's own memory. But as my library is expanding it's getting more and more difficult to remember.

    And this is what this music journal is gonna be to me. I will try to keep up with my music experiences and discoveries so that some day I'll be able to go back.

    Music's always been by my side, itself it's somekind of a memory keeper of my life.
    And that's the reason I love so much - it helps me keep my own history.

    and yes, i needed to have this kind of post it helps me to actually get things done.
  • My mom on Placebo.

    Fev 27 2010, 11h43

    Yesterday, when I was watching Placebo's gig on TV (Main Square Festival in Arras in France), my mom came along and watched with me. Then she said something so accurate and brilliant:

    They do sound different from others... a bit sad, as if they have a secret, which they crave to share but they can't.
    I couldn't have put it better myself

    [translated from vietnamese]
  • Never thought to be Fooobared.

    Ago 21 2008, 17h04

    I've been using Winamp since...always! That was player of my choice.
    Believe me, I tried dozens of other players, every alternative software.
    But none of them suited me, as Winamp did.
    What I most disliked, was Foobar. It was too complicated for me or I never gave him enough time to look up his settings! (i have to say that i'm a big settings lover, which makes me kinda geek-girl)

    Then, on the January, i tried Foobar again (>5th times). I spend with him all day long. Ok, maybe few days. I decided to give it a shot it and use it for a month or two.

    During that time I discovered why I loved Winamp so much. It's just because of his HUGE skins database (i need stuff to be pretty...). Beside that I'm an new applications and settings lover, I'm fan of customization. I can spend all my life to customize things around me. I loved to browse through the huge database of Winamp's minimalistic skins. I love how I could minimize him to this little, seamless box on a desktop.

    While using Foobar I got used to the bigger interface. I couldn't find a theme/skin that would work for me.
    But sure, soon enough I've found a way to make its interface better. This time - just using colours combination.

    And I'm still using Foobar now. Smart, small and quick.
  • What is alternative music?

    Mar 21 2008, 10h00

    Before I registered on I didn't know what I'm listening to. I can't distinguish music genres.

    Now I can, but it's still an intuition. I discovered my leading genre - .
    I know what is alternative, what is not...mainly by auto-remembering the artist name.
    Radiohead, Placebo, Muse, White Stripes, The Killers and many, many, many more.

    But if someone asked me what the hell is alternative music, and why it is alternative I wouldn't be able to answer - because I don't know.

    Recently I've found an article about this. Author is trying to explain why alternative is alternative, most of the time he's writing about the history.
    Somehow, at that time music was completely different! Some genres can't be still the same!
    For Polish, who want to read this article: "Krótkie wprowadzenie do muzyki alternatywnej"

    Would you like to help to define alternative?
    Without speaking a word 'bout any of artists.
  • I am Blue.

    Fev 29 2008, 18h15

    From now I am Blue.
    Which mean that I've just subscribed to Pro Acc on for the first time.

    Why? Oh, I just want to test it...
    To see if it's actually worthwhile. And because it's only $3, and right now USD is pretty cheap (PLN-USD). So we have to take advantage of that! I mean - why not?

    Beside that I started journaling here again. In part - to practice my poor english :)

    Hey Subscriber, what is the coolest thing for you in pro acc?
  • Christmas Soon! :)

    Nov 13 2007, 16h37

    I admire CHristmas time!
    I realized about it at the end of previous christmas.

    Why I like it?
    Hmm...maybe it will sounds a little bit bombastic or something, but I like it atmosphere.
    Oh, damn it that it is commercial
    (or not...maybe just people like to argue about nothing, or they want to be alternative...which makes them ordinary)
    but this is really consoling when I see all those frippery on a streets, colourful sign-boards, blinking trees and bushes, blinking windows.
    And those christmas promotions in shops, all those faked Santa Clauses walking around the city, or in shopping centres.
    Or...when people look like blockhead in...anoraks (? dictionary told me that :P) and theirs kids running all around. Heey..this is really consoling (x2).
    Of course I can't omit...the snooow!

    Beside the 'look of Xmas', it's really pleasant when I wake up at the morning and receive messages from my mates. Of course - that are xmas wishes. And not only messages :)

    And without xmas songs everything is nothing! :)
    I'm listening to them from now - from november.

    John Lennon - So this is Christmas
    The Eagles - Please Come Home For Christmas
    Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You
    Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone
    Wham - Last Christmas
    Thats everything I have.
    Do you know other nice christmas songs?

    btw, do you know what I like to do most in xmas time?
    Watching 'Love Actually' :)
    And i'm afraid that this christmas...won't be like christmas.
  • forgot about classics

    Out 22 2007, 18h51

    how could i?
    When I was young..very young, I was exposed on classic music.
    My mum and sister were listening to it all the time, alternately with ABBA, Boney M, Beegees, Beatles and all those cult from , , :).
    They were collecting 'Music Masters', a series sponsored by d'Agostini or something (magazine..?).
    This serie is now quite valuable :>

    So thats why, I like classic music now. But CDs were buried somewhere so we forgot about it.
    Yesterday, my classmate asked me if i now 'Moonlight Sonata' by Beethoven. Of course yes! So I got the track immediately to my player to remind it.
    Geez. 'Moonlight sonata' is so beautiful.

    Later I brought to my mind another classic musician, I think my favoutite one - Tchaikovsky.
    After a long time of listening to it (you know, on all those online music players) I decided to find and rip the CD (Tchaikovsky Masterpieces) from our set of 'Music Masters'.
    Furthermore, I was more determined because I wanted to find one piece, that was really psychedelique (that's what I like).
    How I found later, this is called 'Miniature Overture'. From the
    Nutcracker suite, Op. 71A,

    Now I'm looking back to my childhood while listening to Tchaikovsky and Beethoven.

    Btw, I was a little bit surprised, I mean positively surprised, when this classmate, who asked me about 'Moonlight sonata', thanked me.
    Because finally, she has found a person with who she can talk about this kind of music, about this kind of things (that aren't popular in todays teenagers world..).
    Hm, I haven't heard so nice words for a long time :)

    PS: is getting even more personal than my 'personal weblog' ;P And I can practice my english here!
  • Donnie Darko sountrack

    Out 15 2007, 6h36

    I watched 'Donnie Darko' first time about 1,5 year ago.
    I loved the song at the end of movie, 'Mad World' performed by Gary Jules.
    I couldn't understand why people are so excited with whole soundtrack?
    Few weeks ago I watched it again, after it i beloved this soundtrack.

    Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
    Duran Duran - Notorious
    Tears for Fears - Head Over Heels
    Echo & the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

    Beside soundtrack, I want to recommend a movie. Which is a great one, one of the favourites.
  • Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' - too 'radioheadic'

    Out 14 2007, 14h02

    I'm not impressed with their newest album In Rainbows. Most pieces are too similar to old ones. I mean the style of it. I felt, that Radiohead has no more ideas, no invention.
    None of fresh. That it so monotonous and indistinct.
    I can only accept 'Videotape' song.

    But maybe I need more time to get accustom to it. Usually it takes me too looong.

    For example, when I first time heard about Placebo and I listened to some songs (my first Placebo's creation that I listened to were 'One of a Kind' and 'Protège Moi') - I was really sceptic.
    After a month I beloved it. The same was with the rest of their tracks...
    Gosh. It took me so long to belove Placebo.

  • Music of Nokia N95 AD

    Out 9 2007, 14h40

    Firstly, watch this ad of nokia n95

    When I saw it few months ago I thought it'd be nice to get the music of it. It's so likeable ;)
    But I didn't think about getting the music seriously. I just thought that it'll propably really hard to find it.

    But not so. I'm good at searching on the net. Yesterday i've found the information about the track from the ad - it's in the soundtrack of "Everything Is Illuminated' movie.
    It's 'Litthe Jonathan/The Wall' - Paul Cantelon.

    I have to see this movie, by the way ;) I'd understood the atmosphere of this film throught the soundtrack.
    Kinda colorful, sad, comedy a little bit of 'Amelia' (strange, nice, consoling, colorful), a little of 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' (psychedelique) and...something.

    Geez. I have to revise english tenses. :PLitthe Jonathan