Abr 5 2011, 2h29

Man their new cd: Rescue, is incredible. Thought the 'Transitions EP' was amazing and then once they packed Rescue full of other wicked songs it all just seems so surreal.
Starts off with Medication which draws you in and pretty much makes you hooked at track number 1. "Texas Mickey" brings Bayside's singer Anthony Raneri into the mix with lyrics worth repeating and a finale to the song that you are bound to rewind over and over again until you have the lyrics down pat.
"Darling Harbour" comes in at track number 9 which is written about their travels in Sydney Australia. Be it also my home town, I can highly relate to street names and its relation to Canada when they sing "Ten thousand miles away, i wish i was on King Street, Darling Harbour.. don't throw it all away, I'm here to make you stay with me".
"Live to Kill" follows with a great rhythm and typical great tune, sounds quite similar to "I knew I Couldn't Trust you" from their previous album: A shipwreck in the Sand.
"Replace You" is track number 11 and has slightly changed from their Transitions EP with new guitar at the beginning and little faster tempo. Either way they both sound great.
Slow song at the end called "In Memory Of" sings about a friend who passed and is also another killer song. No pun intended.. "words can be the most beautiful or the most cold, I didn't know what to say to a father who suddenly loses his son, I still think about that every day".

Great cd overall and I give it a 9 out of 10. Hope you guys enjoyed this review and leave me a post sometime soon! Silverstein


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