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Jan 2 2007, 13h44

Original entry date: 24 Mar 2006, 10:31am

Ben Harper does it again.

Altho I don't care for the second disc of his newest release (too 70s disco club music for my taste) I do love the first of the two new discs, plus one song on the second. The one song is Gather 'Round The Stone and is reminiscent of south-eastern US -. The usual stuff I think of when I think 'Ben Harper' is all on the first disc (I just got what I wanted from iTunes). Voice, . Best stuff to listen to late late late at night, when studying, napping, or are feeling , low, or downright depressed. Gotta love it.

PS, there is also a 3-disc version of the album, featuring live songs on the third disc.


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