- clap clap - clap a choir over the hill aaaaaaaaaa the 90ssssss bass like a dancer beautiful modulations big chill 2006 big chill 2007 big fat hippy bassline big-hearted birdsong bitter melancholy blissful ending bookmarked brass swimming chamber electronics concise and perfect melancholy creaking cross-rhythms descending chromatic bass do ti sol la doing lydian and jaga jazzisty things drifting off ever so briefly as i was starving and had to run off and get food excellent things to name your band feel better now from ear to ear h5n1 hammond organ harmonically like iceland harmonium here is my heart i am sad fill me up i-vi pendulum indie emo disco it helps iv-v pendulum joy la sol fi fa la ti do so mi late junction latitude festival 2006 let me boogie listen to us walk out of the studio low-lying grooves lydian melancholy rising fifth melody knot on ninth mistagged artist mmbada mmbada mmbada moseley folk festival my brain my brain my electro heart is beating wildly na na na na na na na na na na na na na na name a chord later ninths not what it says on the tin odd time signatures on trains on wasting education our lyrics begin with our titles pastoral pet chords random modulations yes sir resonance rising rising rising rootedness salves seen live serious funking sharp fourth shifting the gears of pulse shiny morning music silent songs singing saw skiffletastic soft nights songs in my bones songs with whiskey in sonic hugs sonic wall coming to get you stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp strangely taken over by a dance beat stuffy head sweet melancholy tag it later but raised four four three the green man festival 2005 the green man festival 2006 the keenest sadness three two two one tiny robot discos tonic pedal tritone sadness venn festival 2005 wake me up was working at the time we have loop pedals and are not afraid to use them we ran out of instruments and needed aaahhhs we riot joyously down streets and through towns without his athletes womad 2009