IPU playlist. december 7, 2011.


Dez 7 2011, 11h26

i played piles of rock interviews on the radio t'night. hence, the playlist looks like:

Realpeople "My Night With the Prostitute From Marseille" [ba-da-bing!]
Beirut "Nantes" [4ad]
Beirut "O Leãozinho" [red hot]
Beirut "La Llorna" [ba-da-bing!]
Beirut "Postcards From Italy" [ba-da-bing!]
Beirut "Goshen" [pompeii]
Grizzly Bear "Dory" [warp]
Cant "BANG" [warp]
Cant "Dreams Come True" [warp]
Cant "The Edge" [warp]
Cant "Too Late, Too Far" [warp]
Sleep ∞ Over "Your World Is Night" [night people]
Sleep ∞ Over "La Rose" [forest family]
Sleep ∞ Over "Outer Limits" [forest family]
Sleep ∞ Over "Behind Closed Doors" [hippos in tanks]
Sleep ∞ Over "Casual Diamond" [hippos in tanks]
Sleep ∞ Over "Romantic Streams" [hippos in tanks]


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