Dir en grey - Age Quod Agis Tour 2011 LA.


Dez 25 2011, 8h44

it was such an amazing night ❤
i'm so glad i got the VIP tickets because i got to stand in the pit with the new friends i made there. i even got to be in front of my beloved Toshiya and Kaoru ❤
the VIP package came with: tickets, meet and greet, a t-shirt, laminate pass, and a signed poster.

this is the picture from the meet and greet ★

and this is the laminate pass!

new friends i made!

and here's some pictures! ☆
{ sorry, most of my pictures were of Toshiya ❤ }
{ also, i couldn't get pictures of Die cause he was on the other side }

★ Toshiya saw me and Marika fangirling for him lol.
he smiled, nodded, and pointed at us \(; 3 ; )/~~❤
and i REALLY loved the fact that everyone was singing along!
Dir En Grey - 「激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇


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