8th grade 8th grade was never so good but i just started listening a band that kicks your ass a change of pace a female vocalist i can stand a simple question amazing and thus i have heard my first ever radiohead song anthem as played on guitar hero classic comfortingly creepy conor oberst at 14 is still awesome conor oberst should fuck me with his words cover covers dance-y in the way i am okay with death march fav favorite band of all time favorite song favorite songs favorites feel better fucking happy german psychobilly that kicks your ass goddamn fucking right good good associations happy and it rules i dig this i like the way the speaker spins and makes the song awesome i love placebo i need more music like this i reallylike this even though it makes me feel like im drowning i want to dance and never ever care about anything instant love is it just me or does this sound like motion city soundtrack it has no flaws jakarta is making me happy lonely as all hell makes me happy for all the wrong reasons makes me sick but maybe in a good way misfits cover that doesnt suck mmmm new wave nostalgia that belongs to someone else oh god the dresden dolls fuck yes one day i will fuck karen o orgasm town post-punk psychobilly punk fucking cabaret seen live ska suddenly enjoyable this is going to be love this is sort of over-rated though unexpected endings way better than the shitty coldplay rip-off what the fuck okay what the hell i like this a lot when i actually cared about the aquabats yeah i like to make music with childhood toys too yes