Architecture In Helsinki, Brighton, 16/9/2007


Set 18 2007, 11h48

Sun 16 Sep – Architecture in Helsinki

This Sunday, I caught the train down to Brighton to see Architecture in Helsinki. They were ace; this was quite possibly the best gig of theirs I had ever seen. They played so tightly and with so much energy; they virtually tore the roof off the Concorde2. At one stage, they announced that they were going to do a cover of Daryl Braithwaite's "As The Days Go By", before launching into a hard-edged rendition of The Same Old Innocence that rocked about five times harder than on the CD. The encore consisted of a cover of Mental As Anything's "Live It Up", followed by their recent floor-filler, Heart It Races. The only minor setback was the fact that, two songs before the end, some shirtless yahoo straight out of a Walkabout barged through the crowd to the front and proceeded to dance, waving his T-shirt in the air like a flag of victory, his back to the band, as if he was the star of the show. (Look, cobber, we paid to see the band, not you.) Still, even despite that, it was a great gig.

The support band were Fanfarlo, who alternate between being good (when they sound like some Swedish band signed to Labrador) and naff (when they sound like Coldplay or someone).


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