Review: Momus, Kumisolo, Laila France @ Flèche d'Or, Paris


Jul 1 2007, 14h28

Fri 29 Jun – Momus, Laila France

This Friday, I saw Momus at the Flèche d'Or (a somewhat hipsterish venue, full of Modular coolsie types). It was a brilliant gig; Momus is a great entertainer.

There were a few bands on beforehand (I missed the vocalist from Nouvelle Vague's solo outfit, but caught a rather danceable female-fronted blues-rock outfit named Phoebe Killdeer and a somewhat trendy-looking London band named Scanners).

Then came the late set; first on was outfit named Kumisolo, who were somewhat like the Aprils, and consisted of a cute Japanese girl singer and a guy with a laptop providing the bouncy electropop backings. At one point, he somehow dropped the laptop on the floor and the music went silent; the singer kept going, with the audience clapping along, while he rebooted the machine; a minute or so later, the music came back in and the song moved to its conclusion, to thunderous applause.

Then Momus came on, did a duet with the singer, and then launched into a solo set, which was ace. He did Lady Of Shallott, Pierrot Lunaire, Nervous Heartbeat and a version of Robin Hood with the villain's name replaced with Sarkozy (to mass applause) and a bunch of other, older songs. He put on an amazing show, singing and playing keyboards and being very animated; he really is a terrific entertainer. He finished his show with a few songs he wrote for female singers, with the vocals being performed by Laila France, concluding with a cover of the hit he wrote for Kahimi Karie, Good Morning World.


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