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  • tareqjacob

    what's your best outta Ultraviolence? other thing are going just fine.. still exam-ing and shit. 5lst ante?

    24 Jun 9h39 Responder
  • tareqjacob

    oh, I've been lost in the oceans and valleys of ULTRAVIOLENCE, trying to come out though :P what about you? how are you lately??

    22 Jun 10h46 Responder
  • Plonthos

    No I haven't decided yet :)

    6 Mai 23h03 Responder
  • tareqjacob

    apparently, I'm still alive :P kifak??

    2 Mai 22h11 Responder
  • within_darkness

    'Just didn't strike me to play it more.. I don't know why' - because it's emotionless, dull and they played it wrong by playing it safe? For me, it's like a poorly executed remake of a movie. You know what's in there and you know what's coming. And while it can be good at times, it's painfully predictable and anything but imaginative. Its biggest fault is that it's a step back after a glorious decadelong march by the band I consider my second favourite melodeath act. Still, one poor album out of six is a good accomplishment. A friend of mine says groups start to rot right after their third *really good* record and I tend to agree. Enjoy Epica, at least they're here to settle the score :) Lindsey's album is a masterpiece and I believe I'll spin the hell out of it. Sheer brilliance and talent at work. I'm glad she kept the dubstep elements and that she's experimenting with her style, there's no limit to what she can come up with when it comes to contemporary crossover.

    29 Abr 23h15 Responder
  • within_darkness

    Hey :) I guess I already told you about Insomnium. Sounds like a mid-level band stuck between past and future points. Lost the spark completely and I'm not sure 3-4 decent tracks will make me reconsider. DiM is fantastic, Epica did a fairly good job this time too. I haven't checked with the new SoP yet though. Exactly because the previous one made my ears bleed. But if you say it's any good, I'd try. Anything for Marcela, I guess :D Oh well, I guess we have our share of disappointments. If Insomnium is so-so, like, 50/50, then Equilibrium should just resign. Quit. Immediately.

    28 Abr 19h34 Responder
  • Plonthos

    evet dil öğrenirken başta bütün gramer kurallarını katlederek konuşuyorsun sonradan hata yapa yapa öğreniyorsun o yüzden hata yapmaktan korkmamak lazım :) Yok ben liseyi geçen sene bitirdim üniversite sınavlarına giriyorum bu sene. my friend studied the same subject at university and he finished his school in 6 years though it was actually a 4-year faculty :) it must be hard

    22 Abr 14h59 Responder
  • Azathoth_Circle

    Thank you for joining us and greetings from revolutionary Ukraine \m/ Check out our music and get free download of our first s\t first EP ! Also like our page on facebook to stay tunned for updates \m/

    10 Abr 9h00 Responder
  • Plonthos

    Ben daha üniversiteye geçmedim, bu sene geçeceğim :D Sen ne okuyorsun? Senin kendinden anlatman gerekiyor, sen türkçe antrenmanı yapıyorsun ben değil :D yazdıklarımdan anlamadığın yer olursa sorarsın ingilizce yazarım bir de :D

    7 Abr 17h31 Responder
  • tareqjacob

    Lonely Child, Shot Me In The Heart, Burning Gold, Sea Of Lovers and One Night are my favorites. Listen to Emeli's Enough, and Who Needs The World. they're new songs from her upcoming album. they're only available as live performances and they're really good ;) im doing fine, just some college :P

    7 Abr 12h43 Responder
  • tareqjacob

    HEEEY, Sorry for my late replies, a bit too busy those days, and not checking my profile alot :P Christina's Album Is a good one, I love nearly all of the songs, but I was expecting something different, maybe more like a masterpiece. I don't it's still good, what's ur favorite songs though? Glad To See Emeli and Ellie Heading your Charts :D :D I feel proud :P have a nice day.

    6 Abr 16h24 Responder
  • Plonthos

    Türkçen gayet iyi :D oh that's cool, yeah you can practise it with me... nice to meet you too :)

    29 Mar 21h49 Responder
  • Plonthos

    Oh cool nice to meet you then, Enes :D Now your username makes sense to me :D I never knew the Arabic version of my name is Anas. İyiyim teşekkürler sen nasılsın? :) Are you learning Turkish language or it was just a phrase you already knew?

    29 Mar 0h16 Responder
  • Plonthos

    Hey thanks for the request :)

    28 Mar 14h19 Responder
  • tareqjacob

    I liked most of the songs in it, I didn't expect that. so maybe u should give it a try so u wont' get bored :P and Christina Perri's Head Or Heart is also online now, u might wanna check it too :P I'm doing fine getting fucked by college that's it :D I Wish you good luck with ur project :D

    23 Mar 20h22 Responder
  • tareqjacob

    nothing much actually, just stupid, exhausting college :/ what about you, whatcha doing these days? s7i sm3t Shakira? :P

    21 Mar 1h06 Responder
  • tareqjacob

    Im doin fine after moving to Damascus :D I LOOOOOOOVED Ellie's Beating Heart, I think it's perfect actually. You listened to Lea's Louder?

    6 Mar 14h44 Responder
  • tareqjacob

    I just deactivated it for a while, It's annoying me that's all :) how are you these days?

    28 Fev 13h16 Responder
  • POD90

    i had the chance to watch it earlier to day. it sounds amazing. i don't know why, but the children choir is giving me the creeps. i have high expectations for this album. 2014 just keeps getting better and better

    13 Fev 0h12 Responder
  • within_darkness

    Van Canto killed me =_= It's of the rare cases in which I listen to an album of a band that I like and delete shortly after (or prior to) its closing track. Aenaon sounds good! Will hear more of their tracks when I end up with more spare time on my hands. Laura is incredible. Not unlike our Dianne here, haha :D Maybe even more powerful, in fact. I always give this as an example as it's my favourite AF song. She comes out, opens her mouth and it's like a vocal storm sweeping the entire stage along with everyone present. Simone's voice is rather weak in comparison.

    12 Fev 23h50 Responder
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