78rpm a sad weightlessness a thousand dreams that would awake me achingly intelligent amazing ambient ambient blackened stoner doom ambient subcode monitoring ambient subcode monitornig ambiet subcode monitoring anomaly apocalyptic folk aural orgasm black power bubblebath of noises chill cold meat conet project critical theory cultural terrorism depression and suicide life dirty ole heavy rock dissonant beauty doom metal dopesmoker drink liquor and shut up drink that cigarette all smoke long drink through the tears drone electronica elephant 6 experimental field recordings folk-punk friends of mine fuckin brooklyn funk germany groovesalad hardcore punk hauntological hazey cosmic jive hip-hop indie insomniac dream interesting interior design of a saftey cabinet krautrock light and smooth listen carefully listen to whilist defecating listen to whilst defecating looney lost early 90s goodness lovely makes me wish i still did drugs makes my mind melt music to work by my mind is exploding natural soundscapes new york noise terrorism nu-bluz funky grooves in the e-lounge numbers station numbers stations porieux-loved post-hardcore post-music post-psychedelic potentially deadly power electronics progressive metal psychedelic psynoise rainy day bittersweet blues raw music for a lonely night of drinkin rips from the bong rock seen live shoegaze signals from the shadow pools sludge smooth as fuck some kinda post-punk godliness sophisticated black metal art sucks the conet project the oddest dissonance the pedofinder general the shrooms and purple haze theta inducing trip ticket under the dome uneasy listening unemployed and nothing to do but drink volvo weightless what pragmatic motherfuckers what the fuck whip your cock out