My music taste ...


Set 5 2008, 7h47

My music taste is erratic, eclectic and subject to fickleness, for I lavish my musical love on a per-song basis. Excellence can be fluke-a-rrific and sometimes the same artist or even the same album can have stuff I don't like - a large part of why some of the tools above have been way off the mark (for me, personally) with recommendations.
I don't think even *I* can pin down what it is I like about my favorite singular songs, except a predilection for syncopated beats and rich melodies. It's nice to know that whether I listen to Air or Stars or Edvin Marton, it'll find a common thread that runs between them and base recommendations on songs that have a similar DNA.
And just because other people like one artist and collectively like the same other artists doesn't do it for me ...


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