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Ago 21 2007, 9h16

1. Switchfoot
First song: Meant To Live
Fell in love with: Ammunition
Current favourite: Love Is The Movement

2. Sufjan Stevens
First song: Chicago
Fell in love with: Casimir Pulaski Day
Current favourite: So hard.. maybe.. Sister Winter, but there are 10 billion fantastic ones.

3. Bright Eyes
First song: First Day of My Life
Fell in love with: Landlocked Blues
Current favourite: again, it's really hard.. Road to Joy, False Advertising

4. OK Go
First song: A Million Ways
Fell in love with: A Good Idea At The Time
Current favourite: I will always be in love with their Father Christmas cover.

5. Brighten
First song: First song wasTelevision.. live. Gosh I love them live.
Fell in love with: The Better Way
Current favourite: We Chose the King, Cops and Robbers

6. This Holiday Life
First song: Don't Stand Up
Fell in love with: Photographs
Current favourite: In Regards to Summer or Motions

7. Beck
First song: Girl
Fell in love with: Que Onda Guero, for some reason
Current favourite: Clap Hands and New Round

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers
First song: Under the Bridge
Fell in love with: Fortune Faded
Current favourite: Fortune Faded, Purple Stain

9. Bradley Hathaway
First song: the boobie poem :X
Fell in love with: no worries, i'm going to...
Current favourite: The Hug Poem, for sure =)

10. John Frusciante
First song: Wednesday's Song
Fell in love with: Moments Have You!
Current favourite: Moments Have You, Wednesday's Song, and I love his How Deep Is Your Love because I'm sappy like d4t.

11. Michael Jackson
First song: Thriller
Fell in love with: Thriller, I love that song like none other.
Current favourite: Come Together, I seem to love covers

12. Elliott Smith
First song: Bled White
Fell in love with: Between the Bars
Current favourite: Coming Up Roses, and Blackbird. (See? Covers)

13. Waking Ashland .. they recently broke up )=
First song: Julian
Fell in love with: Let Go
Current favourite: Let Go

14. Starflyer 59
First song: No Revolution
Fell in love with: I Win
Current favourite: It's Alright Blondie, I guess

15. Copeland
First song: Pin Your Wings
Fell in love with: Choose the One Who Loves You More
Current favourite: You Have My Attention, Kite


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