Nihiliste(s) [review]


Nov 29 2007, 23h55

Artist - Celeste
Album title - Nihiliste(s)
Genre -
Release year - 2007
Label - Denovali Records
Country - France

With such cover, I don’t really care how the music underneath sounds to love it. Lucky me, this actually sounds pretty good as well. Despite what you find on Last Fm, you can try as hard as you can and still you won’t find anything screamo on it. Sludge and post-hardcore are definitely safer bets. To make it less abstract, imagine Cult of Luna without the progressive elements. It is really comforting to me, that not all of the sludgy bands have gone crazy with post-rockish shoegaze riffs (making you think of only pretty thinks like blooming flowers and all the other sleep inducing stuff). This is solid crushing hardcore sludge waves washing over you under the starry sky you may not see again. The roar is great and perfectly fits the walls of sound hitting you one after another. As there is no clean singing, nor any other nightly lights shining through the dark waters above you, you won’t really remember anything after the first listens. It definitely is not catchy, yet it grows on you with each listen. The pace of waves is much more inventive then your regular sea can provide you with and the razor sharp cliffs of drumming will break all of your bones in uncommonly amusing way. Still it is not changing the fact you are a mere puppet that is going to drown. And I do want to drown in Nihiliste(s) again and again. Let Cult of Luna have its throne on the sky, we love to be drowning down in the raging seas of dark, with image of the beautiful cover art in front of our eyes.


Written for European Sludge Group



    [quote]With such cover, I don’t really care how the music underneath sounds...[/quote] and then I stopped reading

    Dez 8 2007, 15h19
  • anek_anek

    Well, your fault

    Dez 8 2007, 18h32
  • soullessmate

    Great review bro, heard the last 2 albums but contemplating getting this one as well.

    Dez 12 2011, 16h30
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