Some musical musings while on nights


Abr 11 2011, 13h24

I had to get up early midway through my day time-night time to attend a video conference call as part of the Child Health Diploma. Now I'm tired and distractable.

Back when I kept a journal/blog and updated it regularly I used to check a track record of the music I bought. That's kind of fallen by the wayside and has taken over the stats side of things, appealing to the geek in me. However, I occasionally yearn to share some thoughts, no matter how mundane.

I'm very pleased that my favourite record store Resident (Brighton, UK) has just been voted the nations favourite record store in the annual poll for National Record Store Day. Well deserved. I shopped there most weeks and they introduced me to a wide selection of new music making sure I never had any loose cash during my time in Brigthon. I miss it terribly.

My mum very kindly got me the Ben Folds/Nick Hornby collaboration Lonely Avenue at christmas (the nice version with the short stories and book) and it pretty much leapt to the top of my favourite albums of 2010 (something I've not formalised anywhere yet). His previous solo effort grew into probably my favourite of his recordings but this blew it out the water. I think Hornby's astute lyrics really allowed Ben to bring out some of his greatest muscial efforts in years. The album is great fun to listen to, varied and contains a huge amount of sing-along potential. Particular favourite is From Above.

Then I finally got around to listening to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I'd heard the hype and his Good Friday tracks had restored my faith in him after a couple of disappointing albums so I was interested. It's pretty much my favourite of 2010. Bombastic, hugely self assured, extremely likeable, the whole album is genius, proving the hype correct in my eyes. I'm sticking it on the back burner for a while though as I've played it to death but it's definately going to have lasting potential.

I picked up I'm New Here after a lot of positive word of mouth and a liking of Me and the Devil. I have no real history with him aside from Kanye's closing track but the album's moving and different to my usual. Not so keen on the spoken word aspects and Devil remains my favourite track but I'd still recommend it.

Slightly disappointed in Sam Beam this time round with Kiss Each Other Clean. I loved The Shepherd's Dog and the Woman King mini but the new album just doesn't sink in emotionally. It's difficult to remember individual tracks and the songs all merge. It's not bad as such just high expectations. It may grow on me and will probably be something I'll come back to in time.

The new Mogwai album Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will probably deserves a seperate post but the short answer is I like it. Different certainly but they've always challenged.

Currently living in Invercargill means I'm not going to get to see many bands this years as it's so difficult and expensive to fly anywhere and no-one will come remotely close to here. Hence me flying to the states to see Mogwai next month. I am aware that's also expensive.

There's a bunch of new albums in the post so I'll drop some thoughts in a few weeks or so.


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