Listening Through All Of My Albums: #281 - Greatest Hits (ZZ Top)


Fev 13 2009, 16h40

Greatest Hits by ZZ Top

8 (out of 10)

I've never been a huge ZZ Top fan. All I think about is long beards, sunglasses and the 80's. This time through their greatest hits made me try to listen for more, though. I've read Jimi Hendrix once called Billy Gibbons the best guitarist in the world and while I still think Jimi is better, the guitar work really is something to behold. Not just the technique but the tone and style as well. I still don't care for Legs or Cheap Sunglasses but I did find something about ZZ Top I can enjoy.


  • jossy99

    ZZ Top are legends

    Fev 17 2009, 10h06
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