Massive Attack - Vocals


Jan 11 2006, 17h41

Some interesting vocalists for Massive Attack over the years:

1991: Unfinished Sympathy : vocals by Shara Nelson
1994: Protection: vocals by Tracey Thorn
1998: Teardrop : vocals by Elizabeth Fraser
2003: Special Cases : vocals by Sinéad O'Connor
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  • IllusionsPlay

    I heard they are planning new album..

    Jan 11 2006, 18h23
  • erock666

    I've only heard of sinead o'connor

    Jan 11 2006, 18h33
  • andete

    Yeah, singer on new Album will be Dot Allison

    Jan 11 2006, 18h47
  • IllusionsPlay

    i wodner how her voice sounds like..

    Jan 11 2006, 18h50
  • giveuptheghost

    Black Milk (feat. Liz Fraser)

    Jan 12 2006, 0h01
  • arctangent

    Dot Allison had been their live female singer on their tour in 2003 (and she was support act as well). She did a lovely job.

    Jan 12 2006, 16h48
  • andete

    Yeah, I really like Horace Andy's voice. And of course Tricky :)

    Jan 15 2006, 9h54
  • IllusionsPlay

    Sinead is also on A Prayer for the England Personaly, my favorite is Angel and Horacy Andy is on Angel

    Jan 15 2006, 11h59
  • arctangent

    Angel is actually a song from 1974?! Jesus Christ, who would have guessed?

    Jan 16 2006, 12h58
  • IllusionsPlay

    really? slsk, here I come :)

    Jan 16 2006, 18h45
  • IllusionsPlay

    I downloaded it.. I'm not into reggae, but it sounds ok.. I find Angel by MA better..

    Jan 17 2006, 13h12
  • _agent_orange_

    Dont' forget Sara Jay. I thought she did great on the Mezzanine album!

    Fev 20 2006, 19h11
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