Most Beautiful Piano


Abr 17 2009, 12h05

I'm very new to piano, but here's a list of the most beautiful piano songs I have listened to so far. Very short list; any suggestions highly appreciated!

River Flows in You
Kiss the Rain
May Be
Love Me
If I Could See You Again
It's Your Day

Isaac Shepard
Before Dawn

In The Morning Light
One Man's Dream
To The One Who Knows
In The Mirror
The End Of August

I need recommendations!!!


  • MeTRoD

    Oh, I just love Before Dawn and Gentle. I'm gonna buy Isaac's album Deep Joy on iTunes soon.

    Abr 23 2009, 4h37
  • Palivizumab

    Listen to some David Lanz, also.

    Abr 29 2009, 9h58
  • amplifiedshock

    I love all your suggestions! Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Mai 7 2009, 23h22
  • fleshis4zombies

    The Tumbled Sea would be really good for you.

    Mar 20 2010, 1h39
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