2011 in review (5): What I missed


Dez 30 2011, 19h45

For the first time, I'm not posting my end-of-year roundups in full here. Each artist (or album in this case) is tagged where possible, but the full writeup is on my website (linked).

Full writeup here: http://www.amodelofcontrol.com/reviews/?pg=2011missed

Every year - without fail - there are artists, albums, songs that I miss from my end-of-year lists for one reason or another. This year, the main reason some missed out was that there was so much music to consider. I bought loads, heard a bit more, and saw absolutely loads of gigs. And, so it turns out, I missed a few artists too, making some late discoveries. So this list is about those that I missed.

Featuring (in alphabetical order): 16volt, Autodafeh, Death Grips, Factory Floor, Je$us Loves Amerika, The Pain Machinery, PJ Harvey, Rammstein, Waxaw, Wolves in the Throne Room


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