• This World

    Abr 9 2007, 5h11

    Why do I love This World so much?? I feel like it will never get old. It's a classic in its own right, but I never really hear anyone talking about it. :( If it wasn't for "This World" and the Simple Things album, I never would have discovered Mozez's music. I feel like I will be in love with this song forever!

    Sorry, not sure why I'm writing like English is not my first language..
  • Chan Chan

    Dez 20 2006, 19h50

    It's so strange, but every once in awhile (like now) I get addicted to Chan Chan and can't stop listening to it. It makes me happy but sad and almost mournful at the same time. Someone reviewing the album on described their music as "haunting"; I'd definitely agree, at least with this song. For me, it's haunting because when I listen to it and look at the cover, it makes me incredibly nostalgic for a place that I've never even been to, and for people I've never even met. The song makes me feel displaced, and I don't even know where from. It's a very surreal and disorienting feeling, but it also feels very right.

    I love that rather than create music for the time and places of their audiences, the members of Buena Vista Social Club take their listeners back from whence the musicians came.