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Out 3 2006, 23h39

I've been thinking about writing shit in here for a while. This is to get the ball rolling; I'm sure in a couple days I'll have succumbed to the surveys.

1. BT
BT is the legacy. Along with Sneaker Pimps, BT has been one of my favorite artists for almost 10 years. What amazes me about BT is how ever album he releases takes the music in a completely different direction, and yet I keep coming back, and keep loving every track. Most musicians pick something they do well and keep doing it; BT keeps changing. I'm not a huge fan of pure electronic - maybe 4 of my top 50 fall into that category - but BT has been a staple of my rotation for years, and won't be going anywhere any time soon.

2. I Am X
I think I'm gay for Chris Corner. Really. It's kinda embarassing. Kiss + Swallow is one of my favorite favorite albums of all time, and Spit It Out is on the top of my overall chart for a reason. Mostly because it is one of the best songs ever. While BT takes the #1 spot by sheer volume - he's got 5 albums of awesome music to steal my soul - there is no audible offering in the world I would rather hear than I Am X.

3. Sneaker Pimps
Kelli is fine, but it's still all about Chris. Splinter was single handedly responsible for about a year and a half of my life, and is one of the albums that I never leave home without. Bloodsport certainly did its part in contributing to my downfall, since Sick was on nonstop rotation for at least 3 months. Or years.

4. The Faint
It's a good thing I didn't register on until November 05, or The Faint would be somewhere around 25,000 plays. From March to September, there were only 3 bands I listened to, and all 3 of them were The Faint. Wet From Birth and Danse MacAbre were the CDs I grabbed every day I went out with my only friends in the world, and they were the only CDs we needed. Still one of the most unique sounds out there, and one of the best things you can feed your ears.

5. The Southland
The Southland is the perfect music for train rides. Or bus rides. Or Subway rides. Any time you can sit back, relax, and watch the scenery go by, The Southland belongs. Nothing can cure an early morning appointment with a cubicle like Shadow on the subway. Nothing can match the mood of a somber Sunday train ride home from a weekend vacation like Miles, and Creatures is the perfect compliment to a bus ride home to your apartment after a hard week of classes. The Southland cracks my top 5 with about 7 songs that get played, so they must be 7 damn good songs. And they are.

6. Family Force 5
I really don't know where to start with FF5. Really, I'm lost. When the most concise description you can come up with for a band is "geeky southern white boy christian crunk rock pop", chances are you should just give up on adjectives all together. They've just got that Diva thing, that D-I-V-A Diva thing.

7. CunninLynguists
Every couple years I go back to my rap roots, and the Cunninlynguists are always there to get me back into the swing. Doin' Alright is always on my iPod for those days that just feel shitty, and Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts brings me back to simpler days.

8. Gorillaz
Everyone knows Gorillaz. They are awesome.

9. Delays
Every time I see Delays up as high as they are, I'm a bit surprised, even though I shouldn't be; Cavalry and Valentine are both in my top 50. I guess it's wierd because I really don't listen to much straight up girlvoice emo pop, and Delays are certainly that. Maybe it's the extra electronic edge that helps it out, or maybe the voice hits a resonance with me that makes it pleasant to listen to. I'm really not sure, but when Delays come up on my playlist, I never hit skip.

10. Bill and Apoptygma Berzerk
The tie for 10th place is really a perfect way to wrap up my doesn't-make-no-sense-crazy-ass-top 10; Bill is an acoustic garage band with saxaphones, pianos, and upbeat happy lyrics. Apop is the epitome of euro electropop industrial. Maybe the fact that I can go straight from Non-Stop Violence to Sound Scientist is the best way of describing exactly how crazy I am. Going from Unicorn to Kiss The Stone shows the embodiment of misguided that is my musical taste. All I can say is thank god I didn't go to my top 12, so I don't have to try and describe Men, Women & Children.

That's it. I'm done. Sorry.


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